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TV history: The "Lindenstraße" is blocked


History of TV

After more than 34 years, the ARD series "Lindenstraße" cult has been installed. As ARD was published on Friday, the series will be broadcast on Sunday December 8, 1985 in March 2020 last time. Program director, Volker Herres, said the ARD had not "made it easy".

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Hans W. Geißendörfer was devised on Sunday night at ARD who runs "Linden Road" and her daughter Hana is now being cared for. Especially in its early years, the series caused repeated public arguments, for example by tackling homosexuality. However, the "Lindenstraße" has suffered for years under sinking viewers. The Aws justified the ARD with economic constraints.

Despite all the consistency he had changed in the permanent series too much over time. Many actors came and went – alone there were 262 main roles in the series's history, stars such as Til Schweiger used "Lindenstraße" as a career spell. Those who stayed from the last couple of years have been with each other with viewers, such as Marie-Luise Marjan, Joachim Hermann Luger, George Uecker and Ludwig Haas.

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The Beimer family earlier – there the father was still alive

In the mid-80's, when there were only a few TV shows, Monday "Lindenstraße" was almost mandatory in offices and schools. After all, an average of twelve million people had seen the episode on Sunday night. The series led to an early years debate: The mythical gay kiss between Carsten Flöter and Robert Engel, a dam, on a German television, and "Linden Street" was also the first television series that was going to AIDS.

"Moral and social history"

"The most important thing in the 30 years was the freedom we had to be able to tell them of such," said Geißendörfer on the occasion of the 30th anniversary a few years ago retrospectively. Finally, there were few taboos cut in the series: Given the large number of channels and numberless reality formats, taboo rarely on TV. According to WDR information, on average, 2.5 million viewers contributed "Lindenstraße" on Sunday at 6.50 pm on Sundays, as well as media library statements, live streaming on the internet and app.

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Ensemble and Lindenstraße in better times

The series has remained faithful to a claim to take the current topics. So she was a part of "the moral and social history of Germany," said Herres to her birthday. "Lindenstraße has proven that one can connect a broad media with social relevance."


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