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Trade: The competition for e-cigarettes is more clear


Trade: The competition for e-cigarettes is more clear

Wednesday, 14.11.2018, 13:41

The market competition for electronic cigarettes and tobacco heaters is more clear.

The Philip Morris tobacco company wants to make about 40 per cent of combined sales by 2025 with other products of this conventional cigarette, and Markus Essing, German manager, Wednesday in Hamburg. "Here's the bar for us in Germany too." Hierzlande has the company with staggering and tobacco after a year and a half, a market share of 0.5 per cent in the tobacco market. The equipment is heated tobacco but it is not burned. By contrast, e-cigarettes evaporate all flavors. In Germany, other competitors have entered this market, including the main companies of Reemtsma and British American Tobacco (BAT). E-cigarettes should be less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Critics suggest missing long-term analyzes of new products.


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