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This man will lead Zurich SVP back on the road to victory – Zurich News: Region

It should do that for the SVP Zurich, Patrick Walder, Dübendorf President SVP, municipal council and trustee.

A board of about 70 members of Zurich SVP sees the president of the future in the 31-year-old man. Ad should be temporary until after the party elections in the fall or next spring. Christoph Blocher personally take care of the choice.

Walder is a young talent, one who currently has enough time to lead the party. Although he was listed as a cantonal council, he was not elected. If he succeeds with the SVP, he could become well known and continue his political career.

He will be joined by three vice-presidents: former National Councilor Toni Bortoluzzi, Councilor Canton Elizabeth Pflugshaupt and Canton Councilor, Orlando Wyss. In the first stage, Walder wants to solve the personnel problem in the secretariat and prepare a voting strategy, as he says before the media.

SVP's leadership offer must confirm the representatives on Tuesday night.

Serbian party returning

The new Office will take over after the electoral loss at the end of March serbelnde party. The SVP is still the strongest party in the canton, but the losses are painful: nine seats were lost at the Canton Council, failed to get their base for the polls and he & # 39 u over-run literally by the Greens and the Green Liberals.

So, at the end of last week, he suddenly came to ex-President Konrad Langhart to leave. The farmer from Oberstammheim took over the party in 2016 and wanted to hit quieter tones. He no longer believed in the power of the style of la roar Christoph Blocher. Only what should have spoken but a word of power, so that the party's leadership ceses. With Langhart also his vice-presidents Gregor Rutz and Stefan Schmid and secretary of the party Roland Scheck.

President resigns

The party's president leaving Konrad Langhart has now relaxed. He said Monday morning about his departure: "I'm glad I don't have to mopio the shambles that I didn't cause."

The fact that the Zurich SVP is not alone has overwhelmed last weekend. He lost the party in Basel-Land and Lucerne. Also in the Basel area, President Oskar Kämpfer has already taken the results – and announced his resignation.

Sudden losses

The party is facing a new phenomenon: it's lost. For almost four decades, however, it was crowned with success and increased in Swiss parliaments.

Langhart's predecessors were also very successful. It all started with Christoph Blocher, who made the great party and led from 1977 to 2003. He gave Ueli Maurer, Federal President today. From him the party prospered in 2007, almost every third citizen of Zurich, each third citizen Zurich chose the right wing keeper. Alfred Heer was able to keep the success stable at around 30 per cent. With Konrad Langhart, the GMP allowed for the first time a sensitive loss.

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