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The effect of diet often harms the heart


Heart attack and stroke risk have increased dramatically with variations in weight

Nearly all of the overweight people know the phenomenon: First, the pounds fall in a diet, and later you go with all the kilos back. This effect is called the "JoJo effect". According to a study, this is dangerous to the heart. Due to the variation in body weight, researchers at the Sripal Bangalore Professor of New York University School of Medicine are increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and the likelihood of premature death.

Body weight variation is a risk factor for coronary events and premature death in patients without cardiovascular disease, the researchers report. To what extent does the impact of yo-yo pose a risk, particularly in patients with existing coronary heart disease, the researchers have researched their current study. For Coronary Heart Disease patients, the risk of premature death and other cardiovascular diseases increases significantly if repeated diets with the effect of yo-yo follow are achieved.

The researchers have published the results of their studies in the journal "New England Journal of Medicine" (NEJM).

The effect of yo-yo not only destroys dietary success but also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. (Image:

Increased risk of coronary and cardiovascular diseases

Using 9,509 volunteers, the researchers explored possible links between fluctuating body weight and coronary heart disease (such as myocardial infarction) and cardiovascular disease (eg peripheral vascular disease) in a wider sense. deaths.

In the analysis of variation in body weight, the researchers found that the risk of a coronary incident was in the fifth of the subjects with the highest body weight variation, 64 percent higher than The fifth risk of the subjects with the least variation of weight.

Heart attack and stroke risk

The risk of a cardiovascular event was 85 per cent higher in the group with the highest weight variations, and premature death was 124 per cent higher, the researchers report. In addition, their risk of heart attack was 117 per cent higher and the risk of stroke was 136 per cent higher than the subjects with the lowest weight variations, the researchers t writes in the NEJM.

Abstain from dieting better?

The scientists come to the conclusion that patients with coronary heart disease have a significantly higher rate of cardiovascular disease because body weight varies and dies much prematurely. Attitude should always be considered the desire for diet. At worst, yo-yo's health risk is higher than constant hypertension. (CS)

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