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Test: Apple Aircraft 2 –

What did the first AirPods have to do in their imagination? They were compared with toothbrushes, small hair dryers and other things. Today, this malice has largely disappeared; instead the white pegs are so ubiquitous that they almost belong to the urban streetscape. Apple does not publish numbers, but AirPods is reported to be the most successful Apple accessories ever. That means: more successful than any adapter – and so we know that Apple and its adapters, so suspect that it must be a great deal of AirPods, which are 39 n being pushed over the counter.

In just two years the classic

In just two years the classic
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Many remain the same

The second generation can be distinguished from the first – except the LED on the front, which shows, among other things, the charging process. There's nothing of it with that: Almost all iPhone owners in my environment under 60 have bought the AirPods. And with one exception (greetings to my colleague Luca), they fit perfectly with everyone. Turning a normal head, turning a pendant, air guitar, headaches under the influence of alcohol or sports like running: The AirPods holds solid rocks. This would say nothing about the successful design.

The shell makes the difference

Running. The AirPods 2 are stored in a new charging cradle and are protected by magnets to prevent them from falling out. This shell, in turn, has a rechargeable battery and supplies the energy supply to the AirPods as soon as they are inserted. The AirPods continue to listen to music for about 5 hours before they need to be charged; in conversations we are about 2 hours. Along with the charging cradle, there is music for about 24 hours, which is used far from a power outlet.

Three shellfish. This cup also determines the price. The new model can be loaded either through a lightning cable or via a Qi-compatible wire. In this case, the AirPods cost 229 francs. If you want the new models, but can do them without Qi compatibility, cost the AirPods just like its predecessor 179 francs. And if you are still satisfied with the first generation, but above all want the new Qi shell, then the burden of retrofitting this balance sheet with 89 francs.

All variants are possible, even for retrofitting the old models

All variants are possible, even for retrofitting the old models
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Typically Apple: the coupling

When the AirPods are activated, it comes to typical Apple experience: The brand new charging cradle is opened, which is kept next to the iPhone and a button on the screen has 'To tap. And … that's it! No pressing keys, no flashing lights, no waiting for sounds. The whole procedure is done in less than five seconds.

The AirPods have been coupled faster than you can read this sentence aloud  t

The AirPods have been coupled faster than you can read this sentence aloud t
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Apple identification. But it's even improved: So the AirPods are not only connected to the iPhone, but also with the Apple ID. This in turn means that AirPods are automatically recognized by the Mac, iPad or Apple Watch under the same Apple ID.

Faster change. The new AirPods have also become much faster when switching between devices – and for me this is the second most important advantage. Although it sometimes takes up to ten seconds to switch from iPhone to iPad or back, the new AirPods do it in about half the time.

Smart operation

Automatic cuts. When you start playing with both AirPods and pulling one of the two fold, the play will stop until it is back in the ear – then it will continue. 39 automatically. This applies to any type of media play, so for Apple Music as well as for Spotify, YouTube videos and so on.

Mono-bundled. When you start playing audio with both AirPods, you'll hear the sound in a stereo. If you only start playing back in your ear with AirPod, the stereo channels are automatically bundled for mono play.

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