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Tesla: Will the stock reach 10 francs soon?

Elon Musk is considered an e-car pioneer. But last time, things didn't go according to plan. The problems are increasing and the stock analysts are more skeptical.

Tesla's shareholders are currently sleeping particularly badly. For the title only down. Apart from Wednesday, they lost 6 per cent worth. Since the year began, the minus equates to a tremendous 42 percent. Currently, stock costs around 193 francs. In August 2018, almost 200 francs were bigger.

The financial world is slowly losing patience with the e-car manufacturer by Elon Musk (47). Most obviously, an analyst at Bank Merrill-Lynch. In the worst case, we expect an accident to 10 francs. If this "worst case" doesn't happen, we still see the short term target of 230 francs. One of the reasons for its negative assessment is the trade dispute between the US and China.

The explosion of the course is very unlikely

Almost pessimistic is an expert on the stock market of Citi Bank. We see the stock in the worst case at 36 francs. This risk of collapse is 40 per cent. The fact that the stock explodes in 760 francs, this chance estimates the analyst to only 5 percent.

Tesla's problems are also being made at home. On the negative side, Merrill Lynch analysts have recently valued in Model S and X. I'm afraid that the cars are now losing a share of the market at the expense of the 3 model. But that's not helping Tesla. In general, the e-cars pioneer with the recent sales was disappointing the analysts.

The result is huge losses. In the first quarter, the company lost over 200 million francs a month. In an internal memo, Musk called for savings.

Does Musk buy his own business?

Finally, there is also a sudden complaint by US consumer authority. This worries about the new "Navigate on autopilot" function, a type of development of the autopilot. "The role of the system should be to help the driver," said the agency's director. For Tesla, however, the opposite is the case. The driver had to constantly intervene. His suspicion: Tesla emphasizes the interests of the investors above the safety of the drivers.

So how should we continue with Tesla? An analyst Merrill Lynch believes that sales are possible. As a buyer, a technology company or car is suspected. Or a potential Chinese customer or even space company Space Musks X.

Apparently Apple should already be interested in 2013. An analyst from a US investment bank stressed the rumors this week in a television interview again. According to speculation, the technology company should have targeted 230 francs per share – more than Tesla today has value. (JFR)

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