Friday , June 24 2022

Tamy Glauser was nominated as Green Council candidate on the Greens


From the Paris catwalk to Bundesbern: Tamy Glauser has done it and is going into the race as the Green Council candidate on the Greens.

A couple of Greens have succeeded: Approval under his heart Tamy Glauser (34) on Tuesday night in Zurich has been nominated as the National Council's candidate without a decision.

"I am aware that a model is not a green job," Glauser said in her speech presentation in front of about 200 voters and so got the first sympathy points to Schmunzler's colleagues and her colleagues in the t audience in Zurich-Wipkingen. "But by modeling I came into politics. I hope the Greens will bring even more variety with me on their list," Glauser said. And emphasizing: "I can't sit still until I have the same rights as a lesbian woman, but also as a woman in general, like everyone else."

Bernese supermodel is ranked 10th in the top position of the two best candidates Katharina Prelicz-Huber (57) and Marionna Schlatter (38). The two former national advisers Bastien Girod (38) and Balthasar Glättli (47) run in the third and fourth position.

Glauser brings glamor to the election campaign

Glawser's candidacy makes history: for the first time, a model could be sitting soon in the federal parliament. But until then, is it still far to Switzerland's partner partner Switzerland's Dominique Rinderknecht, says political scientist Bernese Mark Balsiger (52): "All parties wish to be able to present Quersteigerinnen and cross-candidates on their National Council list Ideally those who get extra votes for the list, the highest but not dangerous.

Celebrities would attract a lot of attention, and Glauser brings a fascination to the Balsiger's Greens. "In addition, she along with the previous two national councils Bastien Girod and Balthasar Glättli, the most famous figure on the list." But popularity alone is far enough for the election to the National Council. Balsiger: "Tamy Glauser must be considered competent and firm on the ground in the most important subjects of Greens."

Even Glauser's grandfather was a national adviser

Tamy Glauser does not want a coincidence: The model comes from the family of politicians. His grandfather Walther Hofer (1920-2013) sat from 1963 to 1979 for the SVP at the National Council. In addition, the Bernese model and former Switzerland Swiss partner Dominique Rinderknecht have been politically active for some time. The best known lesbian couple in Switzerland campaign as a "Tamynique" for climate policy and the LGBTQ community rights, ie gay, bisexual and transgender people.

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