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Swiss risk to over-estimate themselves – Sports News: Fussball


The newspaper that reads the day after the national players can not be happy. The tenor is unanimous: disgrace! "Yes, it's embarrassing," said Granit Xhaka as he sat above Lugano in the hotel and team, "yes, we're going on our socks. They say that the crew was not ready." n tired on it

Xhaka is the captain of this team, which has lost the number 96 in the world against the number 96 against Qatar. Here is the fourth penalty in the last six games. Xhaka does not worry that. "We do not have quality," it emphasizes, without criticism by criticism and performance.

International games in November are often incredible events. He drew 1-0 against Nigeria, 1-0 in Luxembourg in front of 852 spectators, 1-0 against Norway or 2-3 in Slovakia this month. This 1-0 over Qatar has another effect yet – regardless of the condition of the place in Lugano, which was unjust to an international game.

The effect must relate to the name of the objector, with his / her name, in the Football Only a small number, with the fact that the players are completely unknown. With the question exactly how it can be the subject of such an objector. He has a lot to do with the answer. And that's as short as it's simple: Switzerland is not ready for this day. They are worried by the fact that the lawn is not a lawn but a field, they are still back because they do not want to hurt themselves. At any rate, passion looks different.

Xhaka realization

In just under four and a half years under Vladimir Petkovic, Switzerland has developed the reputation of taking incredibly incredibly hard tasks and has done successfully. During the first half of the year they defeated the World Cup Cup participants 6: 0 and Japan 2: 0. Now, however, they have what the trainer calls in his phrase "Betriebsblamage". It may be good for them to be reminded again that they are not as good as they think, and so nothing goes on for themselves. "We already know we can not defeat a team with a 60 percent performance," said Xhaka.

Petkovic is again trying. He can not abstain from establishing a triple chain, although Xhaka feels more comfortable with the group's strategic head at 4-2-3-1. Petkovic wants to experience Léo Lacroix and Ivan Benito on the defensive, and again gives Denis Zakaria and Remo Freuler again in the midfielder, and Christian Fassnacht and Mario Gavranovic who wants to see the abusive. They fall through: for example, Zakaria, because it remains only a shadow to the player who has promised so much; Freuler, because in the national team he's simple with no charisma; Fassnacht, because he pretends he can afford not to waste himself; Gavranovic, because he prefers to do magic instead of working.

Everyone has given her the best, back and forth. And reinforces the reality that Petkovic does not have as much choice of staff as he believes. Many names on a list do not amount to a lot of potential. Proposed conversion of the team is not a fast project. A new Valon Behrami is now in sight. And just as Stephan Lichtsteiner. His ambition and mindset is spontaneous. He has proven its value for seven years at Juventus for no reason and was called Arsenal by Unai Emery this summer despite his 34 years.

There is a special year behind Switzerland, one emotional and awful. The discussions about Doppeladler and Doppelbürger have so much influenced the fact that the General Secretary of the Association (Alex Miescher) had already adopted, President (Peter Gilliéron) announced his resignation to next spring and former club president (Bernhard Heusler) had used to explore the structures of the bandage.

Many have gone from a place around the national team. At the beginning of September, with the public of Mea culpa, the player and the 6: 0 against Iceland to start in the League of Nations have been very entertaining. However, many things have remained unstable in sport, as shown on Wednesday against Qatar.

And Vladimir Petkovic is a coach who fights a bit for sympathy. Anyway, if he wants to be popular, he will succeed in concealing. It's likely that it would be too much demanding that it will change and open at the age of 55. He is what it is. That is why it needs quite good results so that you do not get caught up in criticism in each slip.

Divide the senses again

The Sunday match against Belgium ends the year of the national team. This is the 14th appearance since March and the final to the winner of the group in the strongest League League of Nations. A win against world number 1 and qualify for the final tournament, which will determine the next League of Nations winner, will be a perfect, balanced conclusion to Switzerland. It would cover much that has happened since the summer and it did not go well.

"We can not get more motivation," Granit Xhaka said. Wednesday against Qatar may still be something good: Swiss senses need to be corrected again. And if not, they will not have to look in the papers on Monday. (

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