Tuesday , January 25 2022

Swiss first training facility for hunting dogs at Elgg ZH


Hunting dogs need to regulate the population of the boats. But the dogs must learn how to behave towards the protective animals first. Elgg ZH is now building a "wild game restoration gate". Animal rights operators have been resistant to this exercise for a long time.

Animal rights campaigners wanted to stop the habit because they refused to hunt for a wild goat. Such a system is also unnecessary. However, the canton of Zurich still wants to realize the project, as he announced. In order to protect against both sides of the injury, the dogs would have to be used in the black coat and learn the necessary respect.

The Swiss hunting regulation requires the singers to provide appropriate training and tests for the dogs. There was still a corresponding plant in Switzerland. Now it has to be built in a forest of Elgg near Winterthur.

Wild Burgundy of zoo

Investment costs for the "Wildlife Installations" amount to around 200,000 francs, shared by the Fisheries Ministry and Helant Treganna Zurich and the Swiss Hela and Fisheries Conference.

Fence work is planned for next winter. In spring then, the wild hoop moves in. These come from only zoos. It is intended that the plant will take effect in summer 2019.

Dog training takes an expert. The phrase occurs in many periods and depends on the nature, nature and level of training of the dog. This is to ensure that the training leads to unacceptable stress situations for the dogs or for a wild river.

Wild rose makes harm

The number of wild bars has continued to increase in recent years in the Central Plateau. Animals cause major damage to agricultural crops and more and more within housing estates.

For hunting, hunting support needs to be found, which finds wildflowers in the thick growth. But dogs also do a good job of finding wild liver by accidenting traffic and then releasing them from their suffering.

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