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SVP: Legislative to Forget


The party has been rushing from one defeat to the next since 2016. Anyone who bets on big losses in the 2019 elections could continue to guess – too because the core issues of the SVP are coming more importantly again.

Simon Hehli

Magdalena Martullo-Blocher is one of the few bright places in the SVP in this legislature - but her father Christoph Blocher (behind) does not want to know about an emergency. (Image: Keystone / Anthony Anex)

Magdalena Martullo-Blocher is one of the few bright places in the SVP in this legislature – but her father Christoph Blocher (behind) does not want to know about an emergency. (Image: Keystone / Anthony Anex)

The SVP does not come out of less. Very strong, the strongest party by Sunday was able to convince only a third of the population voting from a self-determination initiative (SBI).

This is not an exception: in the legislature that has been running since 2015, the SVP was often isolated from the other Bundesrat parties when it came to voting, and then removed the short straw everytime. This was true with the enforcement initiative, the referendum against the asylum law review, the introduction to facilitate the naturalization of young foreigners or the energy law. This opposes one great success: Together with the FDP, the right wing party reforms the AHV version.

The SVP has been waiting for a real voting competition since February 2014, when it won its "massive immigration initiative". The fact that the parliament has implemented the referendum is very unlucky because of the bilateral agreements showing only the relatively dependence of the largest cohort in the Bundeshaus. The theoretical majority of SVP and FDP in the National Council are rarely in, because there are great differences between the two parties, for example in foreign policy or in social policy. In the State Council, the SVP with five representatives has only a hard time. Ueli Maurer and Guy Parmelin do not succeed in enforcing a SVP stamp on Federal Council policy – also because they are the defense and finance ministers of the departments with small design photensils.

Weak staff

Regarding the elections in 2019, the party's strategists must be particularly concerned about the state of the form in the Romandie. Although the SVP is able to maintain itself in the German-speaking general elections, seats regularly lost in the west of the country. No tracking of the "hoped parmelin hope". The party does not have convincing figures – the obvious refusal of the SBI in Geneva or Vaud is just another symptom of Malays. However, SVP personnel are rarely able to provide glittering in Swiss speaking German. For the first swap swap after the SBI scores became known, the party sent Sandra Sollberger's national adviser to the SRF studio on Sunday. The most concise statement of the Basel provider was that she was proud to be part of the SVP family. "Everyone without ricochets has worked towards a goal that creates any party." His opponent, Council of the FDP Philipp Müller Federation, shook so much to smile just the head.

With the departure of Toni Brunner, the SVP loses one of its main figures in the last 20 years. Natalie Rickli, another sympathy, wants to farewell to the government of Zurich government in 2019. Brunner's successor as Albert Rösti's party president is cutting down any new content. From the new number of newcomers from 2015, only a few could achieve their hopes – for example Magdalena Martullo-Blocher. Although National Councilor Roger Köppel, who has been elected with the best result, fills the halls up and down the country, he does not do much in Parliament himself.

High variation at the point of change

Also the optimum to the SVP is not the disturbance at the party's headquarters. General Secretary Emanuel Waeber has been in post since the beginning of November, giving him only a few months to prepare for national elections. His predecessor Dominique Steiner, had thrown the pregnant in the summer after only four days. But home problems not only complicate the life of the SVP. Since the voting on the 2016 Enforcement Initiative, it has faced strong objectivity including business associations, other parties and non-governmental organizations. In addition, in recent months, subjects dominated the debate in which the party does not have much to report – such as a health policy.

Nevertheless, the bishop of the party Christoph Blocher refuses that the SVP goes through a weak legislature. "You can not measure that by a lost vote, we have to think in the long term. And then I see that the population has become more conservative since 1992 thanks to the SVP – no one is eager to state that he is in favor of joining the EU. »The direct result of the SBI is that no-one is around. A direct democracy question is about when the relationship between the state law and the law internationally explaining, accordingly, Blocher sees in the bourgeois opposition against the migration preparation to the SVP success. "Without us, this criticism would have found CVP and FDP – whether they continue after the SBI voted in their negative attitude, both parties must still prove. "Similarly , the conservation of the status quo in banking secrecy is the result of a SVP policy, or has now been withdrawn, named after the Thomas Matter National Adviser initiative, emphasizes Blocher. And promisingly promises, "I do not know any so successful party."

No pull & next venture back

It also sees that the failure of the SBI results for the next SVP initiative is not required, those for the termination of people's movement free of charge. According to Blocher, there is no issue in the party to withdraw this initiative. "I do not know anything about that, I would have heard about it." Withdrawal warnings would be scattered by SVP opponents, believe Blocher. If the net immigration of the EU means more than 50,000 instead of 80,000 people, this is not a reason for the whole clear – especially as the current figures are six times higher than # 39; What was originally anticipated by the Federal Council. "That's not the unemployed, Germany over 50 is now easier to find a job, it's a joy in the people."

In any case, the political economy could soon develop SVP, partly due to the EU agreement framework framework dispute. So those who hope to get rid of the party can be in the 2019 elections because of the recent drawbacks to do so in vain. Political scientist Lukas Golder of the GfS Bern research institution says that the SVP is moving away from popularity and "towards smart neoconservatism". So the party can succeed in the future, even beyond financial and economic policy, right to the room – especially if they should have some seats in the Council of States by the fall of 2019. "

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