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+++ Stock market ticket +++ – SMI loses some momentum during its News recovery



The Swiss Market Index (SMI) raised 0.5 per cent to 8,911 points at 11:45. Momentum was particularly strong in the morning, with some movement in the trade dispute between the United States and China. Overall, but the dealer said that the disaffection in the Brexit negotiations and the dispute in the Italian budget pressed on the market. Although there are good days and bad days, optimism does not stop.

Since morning, the ABB (+ 2.2%) securities lead the list of winners. Again there were rumors about the possible power of the Power Grid power grid section. This time, however, concrete buying interests are even thrown into the circle.

Richemont (+ 1%) shares also made a clear recovery, while Swatch was struggling with 0.6 percent losses. After several days of changing Richemont shares to Swatch shares, the Kurspendel now balances a bit, it was said in the trade.

Temenos (+ 0.2%) brings a boost to a few price gains. Research Partners have increased the stock status of the banking software vendor to "buy" from "hold" according to traders.

Winners include UBS (+ 1.14%) papers. The court's verdict in France is expected on Thursday, February 20, on Thursday, February 20. Meanwhile, local competitive CS is developing 0.4 per cent.

The heavyweight Nestlé and Novartis tend to under-performance +0.4 percent and / or connections. Roche is slightly higher than the market, at 0.8 per cent.

On the other hand, technology stocks lose AMS (-2.5%) and Logitech (-1.6%). Barclays and Credit Suisse are already willing to downgrade troubled ACS shares already. The semiconductor maker currently has the demand for the new iPhones of Apple's big customer.



Increase in profit in the last quarter has attracted investors in the mobile game developer in Finland, Rovio. Stocks rose more than 14 per cent on Friday in the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

"Angry Birds" makers won more in the third quarter: the operating profit rose to 10.4 million euros after four million euros in the same period last year. However, the company was careful about the current year due to increasing competition and high marketing costs. Rovio expects sales from 280 to 290 million euros after that, 260 to 300 million euros. Last year, the company created 297 million euros. It's clear that new games would be needed to drive a sale, says Rovio boss Kati Levoranta. From the fact that there should be at least two in the coming year, ten other projects are being developed.



The Reuters report on potential sales of the power grid division boosts ABB shares on Friday. The electrical company titles increased in early trading on the Swiss stock exchange of 2.8 per cent. According to individuals, ABB talks to three Asian companies about selling its electricity network division. He said discussions on the whole or part of the section with Hitachi and Mitsubishi Electric from Japan, two people who were familiar with operations said. ABB's Chief Executive Ulrich Spiesshofer also spoke to China this week with China's Grid leadership, said a dedicated person. ABB refused to comment.



Swiss stock market focuses on Friday the losses of the previous day with opposition. The SMI starts with more than 1.3 percent in 8982 points. Tailwind gives good specification from the USA. Investors had won some hope in the commercial dispute after China and the US restarted negotiations.

In particular, the ABB shares (+3.9 per cent) are exposed higher. According to the report, the industrial group and the automation are looking for a buyer for the power network section in Asia. UBS shares in advance by 1.6 percent. The court's verdict in France is expected on Thursday, February 20, on Thursday, February 20. A local competitive CS is now 1.4 per cent higher.

Nestlé Heavy (+ 0.8%), Novartis (+ 1%) and Roche (+ 1%) start a bit lower, but also provide support. With the shares that have already been damaged by the AMS semiconductor maker (-1 percent), however, it's going to end the week, however, down. In the morning, both Barclays and Credit Suisse reduced their stock price targets.

Aryzta shares decrease by 1.3 per cent on completion of capital increase. Barry Callebaut (-4.6 per cent) shares are also lower trading. According to Reuters, members of the Jacobs family collectively sell around 150,000 shares of the chocolate company. Start Starrag after sales notices and unchanged earnings.



On Asian stock markets, the Japanese stock market suffered slightly on Friday of the weakness of technology stocks. The leading index Nikkei 225 dropped 0.57 percent to 21 680.34 points. Every week, this means less than 2.56 per cent.

Among those who are most losing at the Nikkei manufacturer, semiconductor semiconductor tests, Advantest fought seven percent on Friday. They suffered from a weak view of Nvidia chipmaker and Chipmaker Applied Materials. The prospects of the two great US technology once again said the boom in the industry was close to the end, says stockist. In contrast, the CSI 300 Index, with the top 300 stock on major land stock exchanges, increased its daily earnings and 0.47 per cent higher. In Hong Kong, the Hang Seng rarely moved from the van and location.



Oil prices rose on Friday, following the recovery of the last two trading days. A barrel (159 liters) of North Sea Brent costs $ 67.27. That was 65 cents in the United States more than the day before that. The American crude price of Western Texas Intermediate (WTI) rose 46 cents to 56.92 dollars.

Up to the end of Tuesday night, oil prices were still in the downturn and had been able to recover a little since then. Even a strong increase in oil reserves in the US could not prevent the price recovery. The day before that, the US government said crude oil stock lists rose three times as much as analysts expected last week.



The Swiss Market Index (SMI) is calculated by Bank Julius Baer in 8912 points (+0.5 per cent). However, the high price variations are likely to continue, Börsianer said. The fears of a disorganized British EU attack and uncertainty about the future of the Prime Minister's Prime Minister Theresa May keep investors on their feet. They also have a headache of the continuing dispute over the Italian budget.

It is the largest pre-market as well as recording ABB (+1.2 percent). According to Reuters, ABB is looking for a buyer in Asia for the electricity network division, which some shareholders have long wanted to turn out. Adecco, UBS and Zurich (all pre-commerce + 0.6 per cent) are also likely to start the day well. AMS (-1.4 per cent) falls on the broad market after the sensor maker closed just under 1 per cent a day before a profit notice. Barry Callebaut titles produced 1.7 percent before the official opening. Members of the Jacobs family with each other sell around 150,000 shares of the chocolate company. At CHF closure 1,876 on Thursday, this equates to a volume of CHF 281 million. The shares are installed in a fast pricing process with professional investors.

Market incentives could also be provided by European inflation data, published this morning. Of these, investors are hoping to draw conclusions about the European Central Bank (ECB) financial policy. In the afternoon (CET) there are numbers on US industrial production on the timetable. They can provide evidence of the timing and speed of expected US rate expectations.



The euro rarely moved on Friday morning. In the morning, the currency was trading at $ 1.1347 and 1.1412, similar to the previous day. There were few changes in the dollar-France exchange rate; It was stable in 1.0058 frank early in the morning.

Market observers expect the euro exchange rate to move until the end of the morning with a small movement. It is then expected that new data will be on price developments in the Eurozone, which could provide new stimuli. Analysts predict a 2.2 per cent inflation rate for October, with inflation more than a ECB target of just under two percent. There was a slight increase in the British pound in the morning. As a result, the money has been able to stabilize for the time after the minor slides yesterday.



Investors were disappointed by disappointed quarterly figures of Nvidia's US chip maker, which also pressed on the Japanese chip industry. The Nikkei benchmarking index has reduced by 0.52 per cent to 21,690, while the wider Topix index drops 0.24 percent to 1,634.

"First Apple, then Nvidia … since the performance of these companies set the tone for the technology industry and global chip, Japanese companies in the industry are also under pressure," said Takatoshi Itoshima from Pictet Asset Management. Advantest shares rejected more than six percent. Tokyo's electronic papers dropped more than four percent.



One Euro was valued at $ 1.13 in Asian trade, slightly higher than trading late in New York.

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