Wednesday , December 8 2021

SRF: The moderator Julian Graf advertise without permission


Who participates in the Swiss television program, may not receive advertisements. The SRF Directorate can only approve this in exceptional cases. Julian Graf, who held the "Two on Morning" online show on SRF, said that he had not known anything about this regulation, writes "SonntagsZeitung".

For several weeks, the television man is now advertising for Sanagate health insurance – without the 26-year-old SRF knowing, SoZ is still.

The "Tschüss Papierkram" advertising clip has been online since the end of September and has seen more than 100,000 times on YouTube only.

"Until the request of Swiss Soz TV wants to have no advertising Julian Graf for Sanagate," he said. It seems that the "SonntagsZeitung" suspects this statement, however, because the graph with the Graph has already submitted several weeks ago on Sanagate has also advertised with Graf's face on important news portals such as, writing SoZ. "We discussed the case internally with Julian, and will adhere to the prescribed procedure in the future," Swiss television tells the SoZ.

For now, there are no results to the moderator

Although Graph has broken the SRF guidelines, the unauthorized advertising commitment according to the "SonntagsZeitung" should not have any results for the time being. "If the current ads were over, Julian Graf would break an agreement. That would seem disproportionate to us in the current case," Switzerland's television has indicated in the article.

Therefore, the 26-year-old can continue to moderate the morning show on SRF and promote Sanagate. "Television is pressing the interests of Graph is higher than itself, because of course, the moderator's independence is no longer guaranteed if it's advertising for insurance," he said. SoZ.

Graf also has its own production company

This is not the first time the Swiss television has been criticized because its moderators follow additional income. Christa Rigozzi's contribution to the "Arena / Reporter" broadcast was controversial recently: Ex-Miss Switzerland has numerous advertising contracts, including Cembra Money Bank.

The Cembra spaces have been produced with Rigozzi von Graf, who runs a production company for videos in addition to the presenter post at "Zwei am Morge", as the SoZ knows. Also in TV in Switzerland you will not see any problem: Graph is "self-evident" allows "to pursue another external side," SRF is quoted. (As)

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