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Sophie Turner, actress Sansa Stark, reveals that this “GoT” star deserves more than her

Updated on April 01, 2019, 17:02

Sophie Turner, actress of Sansa Stark, has revealed in an interview that "Game of Thrones" colleague has won much more with her role in the popular series. The actress made it clear how we felt about it.

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The "Game of Thrones" HBO series brought both of them a great success. But now Sophie Turner has revealed that Kit Harington's colleague, which incorporates Jon Schnee, has benefited even more from his contribution – at least financially.

"You can keep money"

The actress spent eight seasons simulating Sansa Stark, half sister to Jon Snow. In the interview "Harper's Bazaar", he explained that Kit Harington had earned more for his role as "King of the North", but also noted a reason for doing so.

In principle, she was for a fair and equal pay for men and women, in this case, but that was "very difficult". Kit had more money because he had a bigger story line. "And for last season, he had to do something as crazy as 70 night shoots, so much that I didn't have, so I said, 'You know what? You can keep this. money. "

How many stars "Game of Drones" earned per episode is not officially known. According to "Daily Mail" Turner could collect around 160,000 pounds (around 186,000 euros) per chapter, in Harington, the salary per chapter was 537,000 pounds (about 623,000 euros).

After finishing the "GoT" the wedding altar is waiting

From April 15, the last eighth term expected of "Game of Thrones" in Germany will launch on Sky. However, Sophie Turner is looking forward to another happy event in 2019: she is well known for marrying her friend Joe Jonas this summer. However, not in a Hollywood studded ceremony, as Turner has also told "Harper's Bazaar": "We tried to keep it as robust as possible, so it's still a close moment." (JOM)
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