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Soccer: Hardturm has often been home to football across the country


Zurich is a city to share in many parts: there is the green Zurich and middle class, the supporter and the poor, the cool and the Zurich Zurich – and GC and FC Zurich.

The divisions of the two main football clubs have been clear for decades: the track of the tracks, which is the main station from the main station in the direction of Bern, in Letzigrund Country, FCZ. In the north of the tracks are the Hardturmareal; It was the home of the Grasshoppers until the closure of the Hardturm Stadium in 2007 – and it's still a lot.

Controversial project

Now, both clubs have to receive a new, common home: On November 25, the city's people's vote decides to build a football stadium for FCZ and GC on the Hardturmareal, together with a housing estate with co-operatives and two ski skiing that can benefit.

The project is controversial for several reasons. On the one hand, there is a political level: The SP says that the private investors, who want to cross-finance the stadium with two ski skiing and so Receive land in yes, popular building land and city in a favorable construction lease, financially too far away.

Above all, Green is afraid of losing green space of the stadium stadium. And some well-known Höngger Liberals reject the project, as the 137-meter ski skiers prevent their views of the Alps and would not fit into the city anyway.

The arguments for the project: Yes, it would bring low cost housing, a stadium – and both shiny would lie in the increasingly urban Zurich-West. The alternative would be commercial use only of the area, as the large bank Credit Suisse has secured a redemption contract, if there is no stadium there. Cooperative housing would certainly not build CS.

Emotions for the Letzigrund

But as well as political politics there is an emotional level. It could be determined in the vote on November 25.

For GC supporters, it has been largely positively occupied: It is about the hope to return to the Hard Tower after more than ten years, which is an unsuccessful athletic profit in Letzigrund. A Cup victory in 2013, recorded by GC during the years of exile – for the record champions with a total of 27 Swiss champions titles and 19 cups won an accurate record.

"There are emotional feelings that speak in favor of why FCZ should continue playing in the Letzigrund in the future."

However, the FCZ won almost all its great successes with Letzigrund as a home stadium. Accordingly, his fans highlight what's coming in the Volks-Ja movement on the tracks. As an example, Luca Maggi is quoted here, who wrote recently in FCZ's "Daleó" fan magazine: "The Letzigrund is the home of the FCZ. It is not necessarily the current Letzigrund Stadium that makes this home, here & # 39; r place and related ritual. "

Here you meet. "It's like the Sunday trip into the church," Maggi continues in the matter of the curz of the Letzigrund deck. And: "There are emotional feelings that speak in favor of why the FCZ should continue playing in the future Letzigrund."

Condolences of Canepas Hardturm

In the same issue, FCZ President, Ancillo Canepa, is applying for the construction of a new FCZ home on the Hardturmareal. It gives economic reasons for this: With its own stadium, football clubs could earn more revenue, including bratwurst and beer sales as well as & # 39 : r naming rights for the stadium.

But the Hardturm stadium project also employs Canepa emotionally. He remembers the season 2006/7. At the time, FCZ played its home games in Hard Tower, because only the new unpopular new Letzigrund was built.

"We remember the 2006/7 season when we played in a real football stadium! When we were experiencing bombs, not very much thanks to the obvious support and hearing of the Fankurven won the title of the championship in the Ultimate against GC. »Canepa continues:« I've experienced this feeling in the home games since then. »

Stadium to fill out better

After planning as an athletic stadium, Letzigrund will not be able to develop a witty atmosphere, but football fans are largely unanimous.

The new Hardturm, on the other hand, is designed as a pure football stadium with very steep views up to the edge of the field. And with a capacity of 18,000 viewers, it would have much more to fill FC and GC better than Letzigrund.

In the velor track

But back home: The 2006/7 season was not the first FCZ and GC stadium shared. Already in the first few years after their inception, both clubs played their home games temporarily in the same place.

Inside the building built in 1892, which operated until 1911 Velorennbahn Hards. Here FCZ won its first championship title in the 1901/2 season. By the way, the first international game of the Swiss national team was held here in 1911, when Switzerland beat 2-0 Hungarian.

Common home location for GC and FCZ

During the war period, Switzerland proved the first to build a stadium. It also covered Zurich: in 1925, the Letzigrund Forestry Commission opened. Four years later, GC moved to Hardturm. Soon, the line between them was seen as a final line between the camps of both clubs, as the historian Zurich Christian Koller wrote in a dissertation published in 2008 on the Zurich stadium projects.

However, a common home location for GC and FCZ remained in the following decades. The Forestry Commission had sold the Letzigrund 1935 for a lack of money for 110,000 francs to the city and was currently tenants. During the 1940s and 1950s, FCZ and GC Hardturm Stadium shared several seasons. The two clubs that were held there in consultation with the National League of their home games each at double events on Sunday afternoons.

"At Letzigrund there appeared an average of 5,000 to 6,000 visitors in the Letzigrund, but 8,000 to 10,000 in the Hardturm."

The reason for the interaction was financial even after: higher revenue could be achieved. "At Letzigrund there are 5,000 to 6,000 visitors on average, in the hard tower but 8,000 to 10,000," writes Michael Lütscher in his CCZ 2010 chronology "City, club, story". In 1967/8 FCZ wanted to use this business model again. But the city, which was part of the revenue in Letzigrund, interrupted. The FCZ stayed here in the Letzigrund until it had temporarily forced the tracks in 2006/7 due to the construction work.

The question continues, what will come from Letzigrund, if the FCZ is now moving out again. "Then the stadium – as originally planned, can be used more flexible for concerts and increasingly for other events", writes Zurich City Council in the newspaper voting

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