Monday , April 12 2021

Shepherd Heinrich must share with sheep

Schäfer Heinrich became known as "Faucet Faucet". In the meantime, he has a star on the Ballermann, but his yard is 51 years old in financial difficulties. His manager draws a dark picture.

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Shepherd Heinrich lives with 370 sheep, 50 ducks, 100 hens and 50 nappies on a farm in the town of Rhine-Westphalia Völlighausen. But as much as the star "Bauer sot Frau" is attached to its animals, the future looks at anything but rosy. The problem is unpaid bills. The pile up in the farmer's office.

"No chance of survival"

"I'm just a shepherd, a pastoral in nature, and all this bureaucracy and accounting, that's not my hand, I do not want to bother that, I want to look after the sheep, the animals, that's my life "explains Schäfer Heinrich at the Sat.1" Promis Privat "show.

In the meanwhile, his manager Alexander Frömelt tries to bring an order to disorder – with little optimism. "The current situation is that, if Henry continues to have a farm in this restriction where he has been growing in recent years, he has no chance at all," he said. In the pile full of bills, he had found a deficit of 3000 euros to 4000 euros. He suspects, however, a significantly higher number of unresolved cases.

In order to be able to pay outstanding bills, Schäfer Heinrich sells 30 sheep and a lot of grass from barn. It should also be part of one of three tractors. But that's hard for the ballermann singer. There are too many memories about his long-dead parents depending on it. "I understand that I have to share things to save the yard, but I do not want to see it," said the TV surface. It can still be seen if the turning will succeed in time.

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