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"She was treating the dead child as rubbish": So the first day in the process was about the dead daughter of the State


On Tuesday in San Gallen, the couple against a couple have started, who are responsible for the deliberate slaughter of the girl. They refuse to neglect the child.

The defendants rejected Tuesday to be responsible for the daughter's death. (Court Drawing: Sibylle Heusser)

The defendants rejected Tuesday to be responsible for the daughter's death. (Court Drawing: Sibylle Heusser)

(SDA) The parents of the dead daughter – German 35 and a Swiss 55-year-old citizen – suspect they have broken their parental care duties and partially neglected their daughter because of their drug use.

In particular, they are accused of not nursing their daughter in an appropriate age and to give her enough exercise. Also, they should have neglected the one-year-old medical, physical hygiene and social relations.

In addition, according to the payments, both had left the unattended baby for several hours only at home. This neglect should lead to the woman's death.

«The house was always clean»

The court of the Rorschach area had moved the hearing due to the benefit of the general public in the great courtroom of St. Gallen's cantonal court. On Tuesday, ask the accused of the court. The 55-year-old father wants to know nothing of the neglect. He had relied on the mother of the common child. The accused said:

"The house was always clean, the child was wearing healthy and sweet."

The girl had slept a lot, they were with her but also outside. The court asked why the parents never went to see the doctor with the child, the man said, "I'm not into education."

Death unprocessed again

The president of the court said that the man was probably more about a dog than with a girl. The dog even had accident and health insurance. The accused, however, claimed: "My child was mine and only."

Looking back, one is always more clear, he says. She has not continued to process a woman's death. Parents are still living with us today in the house where the child's body was found in the basement on August 4, 2015.

The accused was not to say anything about using drugs. I'm accused of having bought three kilograms of cocaine by a dealer. It should have eaten two kilograms, one kilogram of love.

Cocaine in the girl's hair

Initially, the 35 year old spoke in court. He mentioned his three children of previous relationships, for his time as a buttress, and for his future: "I want to go back to nursing," he said.

Due to her current partner she had made a line under her past before pregnancy. After the girl's birth she had been a housewife. "We lived a normal life," he said. You have mother instincts and you do not need pediatricians:

"I'll know what's good for the child automatically."

She did not want to say anything about using drugs. Why were the remains of the dead woman's cocaine remains, she was a mystery. After the child's death she stopped. From fear he had packed the body in a suitcase and placed in the cellar.

After to get rid of the startup

He is going to court today for the short life and death of the girl even less than two, the prosecutor said in court: "he was a healthy, he was healthy." Already as a baby, the child was neglected and ill. Responsible are parents. "Just as he bought a milk powder for a girl, he bought a cocaine for his own life partner."

The father did not care for the child. Deliberately left the girl crying and tapping in her room. "He does not want to notice the death of his own daughter."

The mother had found the child more and more of the environment. When the girl died, she did not ask anyone for help. The prosecutor said:

"She was treating the dead child as a litter."

Long prison sentences are called

For the 35-year-old, she insisted, among other things, to deliberately kill, breach of welfare and education, harassment of death and multiple crimes against the Narcotics Act of 10.5 year prison sentence, a fine of 70 daily rate of 30 francs and a fine of 600 francs.

For the 55-year-old father, the office of public prosecutor applied for deliberate slaughter, breach of duty of care and education and multiple crimes against the 8-year prison Narcotics Act and a fine of 1200 francs.

If the court decides to carry out slaughter carelessly, the prosecutor requires prison sentences of 6.5 years to his / her mother and 4.5 years for the father

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