Sunday , January 17 2021

Shawne Fielding says: "Switzerland is holes ****!"

In the "German Television Awards", Shawne Fielding (49) complained how unhappy she was feeling in Switzerland.

Although she lives on the beautiful Zug Lake, but Shawne Fielding (49) feels comfortable there. Not at all. Obviously, Texan does not like his adopted country. "I'm so dissatisfied there," he said in the "German Television Award," as the German newspaper Bild reports today.

In fact, there should be a nice award ceremony on Thursday in Düsseldorf, but the former ambassador's wife left their frustration. "Switzerland is holes ****!" She denied.

She justified her suspension in Switzerland as follows: "They are not friendly and they are not happy if you succeed."

«Loser» and a day

In general, Fielding did not feel that evening well. The 49-year-old man also drew attention to winners of the award on the "German Television Award". «I feel the winners are not happy at all. They should be happy to be on television, "quoted the pre-model newspaper.

Her Germans also seem to be beautiful moods against the grain. The "Bild" Fielding newspaper voted the "loser" of the day on the front page of their Saturday issue. And he wrote about his troubles: "Not diplomatic!" (Jmh)

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