Tuesday , August 9 2022

Sarah Pfister loses: «Feverishly looking»


For almost a week missing by Sarah Pfister (36) each track. The family and friends of the Zurich people are very concerned. The brother of Boris hopes that his sister is in Italy.

Suddenly she had gone: for almost a week, Sarah Pfister's sight is missing. Family and friends have had sleepless nights since. "We have formed two groups that look sweet for my sister," said her brother Boris Pfister to LOOK. Across Zurich they have already searched – without success.

There are few clues as to where Sarah might be. The 36 year old mobile phone is out. She gave her cat a week ago in the animal hospital. Apparently because she is ill. Just an excuse to keep the animal in safe hands, as her brother says.

Maybe in Italy

Great hope Boris Pfister: that Sarah in Italy. "At one point he mentioned a trip there. Of course, we certainly do not know it," said her brother.

The only thing that is clear to him is that Sarah would never disappear. Sometimes I would drive into the mountains to take a little break. But not for a week. And: she left her snowboard in the apartment.

"My father and I are very concerned," said Boris Pfister. They hope that Sarah seems safe and melting.

Who saw Sarah Pfister?

Zurich City Police are also looking for the 36-year-old, asking people who can provide information about their stay to contact them immediately. According to the city's police, Sarah Pfister is around 160 centimeters tall, has sports status, long blond hair, which usually wears open and blue eyes.

Apart from a black fitness watch, we don't wear jewelery, but mostly a cap. It's probably wearing a dark winter jacket and blue or black sneakers.

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