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Rotblau im Ticker: FC Basel vs Servette FC


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Score between FC Basel and Servette FC

FC Basel

Servette FC

84 ‘Yellow card Yellow card

Theo Valls von Servette briefly loses his nerve and nearly beats the ball out of the stadium. He will of course be warned about this.

Just before the end change at FCB: Pululu Afimico he should set the deadly counter attack and come for him Edon Zhegrova.

The game is still extremely busy. And everything is still open. FCB is well advised to keep pressing the second node. But Basel’s counterattacks are simply poorly played.

74 ‘Yellow card Yellow card

Timm Klose arrive Koro Kone get off your feet on the counterattack. But he was not the last man. That gives the yellow card.

FC Basel now press on the second goal and restrict Geneva defensively. The Basler still lacks the utmost precision.

70 ‘Replacement Replacement

Another double change in Geneva: Anthony Sauthier a Alex Schalk going out and Bofacar Fofana a Moussa Diallo come in the lot.

Opportunity for the FCB!

After dribbling Edon Zhegrova say Julian von Moos don’t bring the ball in the middle. Arthur Cabral he would have stood ready to fire. There is also a fire in the Geneva penalty area in the next corner. The Basel team still doesn’t want to score the second goal.

63 ‘Yellow card Yellow card

Arthur Cabral escaping the Geneva in retaliation. But the Brazilian hits one hook too much and loses the ball. His tackle is obviously too late. He sees yellow.

60 ‘Replacement Replacement

The FCB is also changing for the first time: Yannick Marchand is through Julian von Moos replace.

59 ‘Replacement Replacement

Double change among guests from Geneva: Koro Koné a Kastriot Imeri come along Grejohn Kyei a Boris Cespedes in the Party.

Opportunity for Servette Geneva!

Alex Schalk occurs entirely on its own Heinz Lindner to close. The Austrian in the Basler Tor is unpacking a mad reflex and retaining Basel’s leadership.

FCB goal goal!

Arthur Cabral hits after side of Edon Zhegrova worth seeing in the head. But the goal doesn’t count. The people of Basel are protesting mercilessly. But the Brazilian was on the other side.

51 ‘Aim Aim

Goal for FCB!

A few minutes after the reboot, it strikes Pajtim Kasami after a corner ball went to Basel’s leadership. This time the hit counts too.

45 ‘Kickoff Kickoff

Can FC Basel secure all three points against Servette today? Or will the Basel team slip even further into the crisis of results? The second half in Joggeli will tell.

46 ‘Pause Pause

Half time in Joggeli!

With a foul on Valentin Stocker and a yellow card against Anthony Sauthier, both teams go to the break. FC Basel got off to a powerful start in the game and then lost the thread. The guests from Geneva had the better chance of taking the lead in the first round.

Opportunity for Servette!

Alex Schalk takes Maas from the edge of the box and just warms up. The ball is leaning just over the bar.

42 ‘Yellow card Yellow card

Get Ondoua jumps Yannick Marchand with a run in the rear headline duel. A painful record. The servettias immediately see yellow for it.

Opportunities are limited at present. Offensively, the guests appear to have the upper hand. The FCB cannot bring its promising counter-attacks to a clean conclusion.

Opportunity for Servette!

Grejohn Kyei sent steeply with a high ball. The attacker takes the ball volley and targets the crossbar. Heinz Lindner can guide the leather over the case with your fingers.

There is still a lot of patchwork for both teams. Moreover, the game is very busy and characterized by many mistakes.

FC Basel now seem to have given up the reins. With red-blue the precision and silence are again lost. Servette is currently playing it better and more purposefully.

19 ‘Yellow card Yellow card

Grejohn Kyei needs in air combat Timm Klose the elbow. That’s a yellow card for Geneva!

Opportunity for FCB!

Again it will be Valentin Stoker launch strongly on links. Finds his passport in the back room Edon Zhegrova. His hammer flies straight to Goalie’s tentacles Jeremy Frick.

The game is extremely busy in this first quarter of an hour. Both teams are high and intense in their work.

Opportunity for Servette!

Geneva responds immediately and has the best chance of their involvement. A shot of Alex Schalk still mocked and miraculously kept by Heinz Lindner in the Basler Tor.


No goal for FCB!

The VAR turns on and cancels the gate. There is still a pointless equalizer.

5 ‘Aim Aim

Goal for FCB!

Valentin Stoker launches on the left and brings the ball sharply in the middle. There is a meeting Patjim Kasami to the Basel tour.

FC Basel immediately took the initiative and pushed Servette to their own half. An enthusiastic start for the people of Basel.

0 ‘Kickoff Kickoff

Let’s go in the Joggels!

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