Wednesday , January 20 2021

Roe and Martschini also trumpet in the playoffs

Garrett Roe and Lino Martschini lie to those critics who claim that little players can never dominate. The two small striker is the most prolific Zugers.

It doesn't care about what others think, Garret Roe (31) said to the wide essay that many players in the playoffs don't have much to report. Cope. For just over 1.70 m tall – or just a little – an EVZ striker and his fellow team member, Lino Martschini (1.67 m) is currently experiencing the opposite.

Currently Roe and Martschini are Zug's best points collectors. The three Canadian contributors helped and one goal to beat Lausanne 5-0 in their third final against Lausanne, while the local Martschini scored two assisting and also a goal. "Everyone knows what they can do," said Dan Tangnes, EVZ coach (40, No), "they proved it was competent and tested it now."

For Martschini, Tangnes is full of praise: "He has grown as a player. And he realizes that the better he will run without a boat, the more fun he has with the purse." to watch play Lino. »

«Want to be a more complete player»

Martschini is aware that the successes of the past playoffs have catapulted him focus. There have been constant calls over the last four years for reasons for the appropriate burglaries he has suffered. And can now say: «It was a process. Now I've developed myself. "Mental and playful, with self-study studies and video." I wanted to be a more complete player. "It's good on his way.

The two hurricane strikers are more than happy with the dynamic offensive system that Tangnes has introduced. "They have a room, go to final jobs – and meet," said Tangnes coach. The dynamic game Roe loves it. And the balance of the team. "We have so much energy, because we have worked out a good base and played with four lines." So we see not only himself and Martschini in the spotlight – but the unity.

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