Thursday , November 26 2020

Researchers make cells produce insulin

At the University of Geneva, scientists work on an exciting project that takes us a good step forward in the fight against diabetes. They have been able to redesign pancreas cells to produce insulin when necessary. Mice could already be improved from diabetes.

Is the insulin spray right now necessary?

Beta-free animals have become healthy again

The cells come from the human pancreas and are adapted to react to the production of glucose by insulin production. Although the cells are derived from the organ that is responsible for producing insulin, you could not do this task in front of it. Because insulin actually goes out of the beta cells called circulation, but researchers used alpha cells. Doctors took the cells redesigned and planted in mice that had type 1 diabetes. The animals did not have their own beta cells. The implanted human cells started their new function and regulated the blood sugar level to normal levels. Soon the mice were better!

When healing people they have not yet arrived

The good condition of the test animals continued over a period of 6 months, so it was not a temporary phenomenon. However, the researchers did not leave it to let the animals get healthy, but they took the new cells again and watched as the rodents again suffered from diabetes. For human diabetes patients, this result should be a real hope, even if no final improvement has been given to the animals. However, the whole process has not yet been fully exacerbated, for example, there is still no possibility of cell programming, without affecting the adjoining cells.

Now, it has been proven that cells of human organs are actually changed so that they perform completely different tasks than before. This perception could be spread well to other medical areas where organs are still operating.


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