Tuesday , May 24 2022

René Rindlisbacher is guilty of harassment


At the end of March 2018 René Rindlisbacher was involved in a car accident with 0.9 per thousand alcohol in the blood. Now it's obvious: The comedian is to blame for the accident.

It took place on Tuesday 26th, 2018: René Rindlisbacher (55) comedian joined Niederdorf BL on the opposite lane, dropped his head into an upcoming vehicle. The comedian had 0.9 per thousand alcohol in the blood, both victims and he was injured. Now it's obvious: Rindlisbacher is the blame for the accident. "The Baselland public prosecutor has announced a penalty order against Mr Rindlisbacher," said Michael Lutz, spokesman, to BLIC a message from the "Nau" portal.

No good bonus for the comedian

Rindlisbacher shows, however, in good faith, according to Lutz: "He has not appealed against the penalty order, so here is the final ruling." Whether the Aargauer must have a prison or accept a fine is not known. In the worst case, it is six months in prison or a 180-day fine of an amount that is dependent on income. "As the ruling failed, it can not be published for data protection reasons." Lutz emphasizes: "Mr. Rindlisbacher has not received a famous bonus."

O compared to BLICYN, the comedian was also obvious a few days ago. "He took it extremely long, over a long period of time, not just the accident itself. I had been screwed clearly, and it was irresponsible, but I got that because I realized how fast it could something happens. "(Brc)

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