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Raikkonen's first photos in Sauber in Abu Dhabi

The icon is back. Kimi Raikkonen (39) is back in Sauber after 6,253 days. On October 14, 2001, he had adopted the Japanese GP with an accident in the fifth round of Hinwilern. On November 27, 2018 Kimi made 102 clean spaces in the regeneration of the Swiss team in Abu Dhabi.

For the Sauber wreck then Suzuka Jean Alesi, who was blown due to damaged boundaries in Jordan.

Kimi Junior Awareness Veteran Shadow Choir

Kimi sat down in a deic chair after the accident of Sauber Petronas (with Ferrari's power, on the road) and he was comforted by the 15-year-old French. The heart pictures came around the world 17 years ago.

Now, Jean Alesi (54) cares for his son Giuliano (19) in the GP3 series, which runs from Thursday to Saturday – and Raikkonen wants to know him again after 152 Ferrari races and title world 2007 in Sauber.

Neutral helmet and bodies

The Finn has not yet allowed to speak officially about the test. "But okay," he said to Gluck after working, "great that the EV train is now a leader …"

When Kimi first came into a car # 7 at 9:01 for a local time (6:01 am CET), he had a neutral helmet (black and white) and a white jumping shirt.

The first Kimi pictures

Blick took the first pictures of favorite Formula 1 fans in the Q37. And after only three hours, our photographer and commentator took stock Lukas T. Gorys pools. "Kimi has already taken an order. The 2007 World Champion also knows where to go!" He had breakfast with a friend and team manager, Beat Zehnder.

«Back in the old family»

After just one lap, Kimi came back to the pools, looking a bit critically. Engineer: "Different things on the car changed." Raikkonen wants to move something in Sauber. And not just boring her time.

Why Räikkönen ends early

50 minutes before the end, the car closed smoking its own day and was given up to the operation. The C37 had to be pulled on the hook.

We saw Kimi in the car by day or just talking with engineers and technical director Simone Resta (who arrived from Ferrari half a year ago). Full professional only. And on Wednesday, tested the new driver Giovinazzi Antonio (24, It) of the Alfa Sauber.

Specify work rather than fast slopes

Raikkonen ("I'm back in my old family") is obviously random yet. It now needs to be normal for both the team and the work processes. Then in February with the Q38 in the Barcelona tests going on.

Note, only Pirelli knows who is soft, medium, or hard drive on the 5.5 km desert course. Only in 2019 the tires are released in each race. I choose from five mixes. So the recent Hypersoft, Ultrsoft, Supersoft maybe soft and new medium …

Vettel or in front of Bottas

The fastiest man on the first day: Sebastian Vettel (31) at the Ferrari (despite an accident, back wing after breaking) before Valtteri Bottas (29) at the Mercedes. The Finn, mentally on earth after a frustrating season, races Arrow Array with the new tires compounds for 2019 for two days. That's the only reason for the extra two days.

Vettel now transfers to his new league, Charles Leclerc, and has returned to Switzerland: "Finally, turn off and breathe!"

What are the teams hidden?

The foolishness: Although the season has gone, hiding all the teams (other than the Mercedes world champion) are cars in the pool lane behind these ugly spots. What else is available for secrets? It's just ridiculous, because a seller can barely stay in the pool lane. And the photographers have long shot their "secret" pictures.

From star, only Lewis Hamilton's world champion came to an end, while Daniel Ricciardo could not for contractual reasons with Red Bull yet enter the Renault.

Delétraz is already hot

On Wednesday, Louis Delétraz (21) based on Genealogy will test his Formula One for Haas-Ferrari in Abu Dhabi: "I can not wait. For years, I've been working towards this day!" He complained Haas Tuesday morning, the failure of the Pietro Fittipaldi Brazil engine (grandson of the World Champion two-time). After four hours, we continued …

In Williams-Mercedes, both new knights, Formula 2 champion, Georg Russell and Robert Kubica share the car on both days. Like Lance Stroll and Sergio Pérez at Racing Point F1-Mercedes.

Son of Schumi in Abu Dhabi

On the official price distribution of the FIA ​​on December 7 in the Russian city of St Petersburg, Germany Mick Schumacher (19) will also be a European Formula 3 champion and receive the trophy. The world champion's son will record on the road for the three-day Student and Formula 3 trials in his Prema team following Formula One tests, which finishes here on Wednesday.

The question continues: how good is Mick in the upper second class? The pressure will not be less after a contract sign in its new post in the Nicolas Todt team (son of FIA's President Jean Todt) next year?

test results

Abu Dhabi's first day (Final after 9 hours)

1st Vettel (Ferrari) 1: 36.812
2. Bottas (Mercedes) 1: 37.231
3rd Stroll (Racing Point) 1: 37.909
4. Verstappen (Red Bull) 1: 37.947
5. Pérez (Racing Point) 1: 37.976
6. Norris (McLaren) 1: 38,187
7. Hülkenberg (Renault) 1: 38.789
8. Fittipaldi (Haas) 1: 39-201
9. Kubica (Williams) 1: 39.269
10. Russell (Williams) 1: 39,512
11. Raikkonen (Sauber) 1: 39.878
12. Gelael (Toro Rosso) 1: 40.435

Pole time 2018: Hamilton 1: 34-794

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