Sunday , August 7 2022

R & B singer R. Kelly was responsible for sexual abuse


R & B R. Kelly's singer was responsible for sexual abuse. In early March, the age of 52 must go to court.

The US public prosecutor R. Kelly (52) is accused of serious sexual abuse by minors. As a publisher on behalf of the prosecutor in Chicago announced on Friday, formal payments were made against the musician in ten points.

Nineteen points refer to the abuse of minors aged between 13 and 16. On March 8th, a 52-year-old court appointment was arranged.

2008 is released from child pornography charges

Kelly has faced decades with the allegation of underage women. In 2008, it was released six years after the indictment, but a charge for children's pornography.

According to lawyer Michael Avenatti, the emerging allegations have been underpinned by a video on the surface showing that the singer gets sex with a minor. Avenatti had already announced a few days ago to transfer the video to the researchers at the Chicago Kelly home. The singer rejected the allegations for his lawyer.

R. Kelly's record label announces co-operation

The broadcaster USA Broadcasted a six-hour documentary document in January where the singer's several daughters accused of having sex with women under 16.

Other witnesses make sure that the musicians who are known from hits such as "I think I can fly" have kept women and slaves sex. As a result, the RCA record label published the collaboration with Kelly. (SDA / rad)

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