Sunday , August 7 2022

Premiership: Xamax Stéphane Henchoz coach in BOX interview


On Saturday, Xamax coach Stéphane Henchoz (44) was refused. In the LOOK interview we speak plain text.

LOOKING: Mr Henchoz, President of Xamax Christian Binggeli announced on Saturday that he will have a new coach in June. How did you respond?
Stéphane Henchoz: Well how good? I was very disappointed.

When did he tell you about his decision?
Last week. He has faced me with skilled facts. Everything was already decided when I spoke to me. He wants new structures, he wants a new coach. I felt like I was being betrayed.

How did the players react?
We had training on Saturday mornings. The players learned about it when they looked at their mobile phones after training.

You want to say that the public had first been told, then the players?
Yes. When the message went out, we were still in the square.

Binggeli says that you are not "instructor to the offspring". What do you say about that?
I don't know how it comes to this assessment. We have worked with many boys over the last few years and have brought us with us: Cédric Zesiger, for example, who is now GC. Pedro Texeira, who went to YB, Charles Pickel, who came back to us, or most recently, Afimico Pululu. All boys aged between 20 and 21 years.

In your conversation with President Binggeli: Was it also about money?

There were rumors that they were too expensive.
I don't win a frank as I am my main coach. While I work much more and the responsibility is many times more. When Binggeli wanted me to be a boss, I didn't ask for more wages.

The decision not to continue with you comes at the worst moment, now that you have slightly strengthened Xamax.
I think so too. It brings disturbance and makes the task, which is otherwise difficult, even more difficult.

Did you think about throwing the beggar immediately?
No, it's not my character. As a player, I was a fighter, giving the maximum. I will do that now too. I never learned to cheat. I do not want that either.

Binggeli says that you can continue to work for Xamax in another role from next summer: is that an option for you?
No way!

Xamax wants to make a team under 21 years of age. Could you imagine training them?
No Mr Binggeli says, I can't work with boys (laughs).

Not only in the rumors of the Hoppers, but also on the Platz Barrage, Neuchâtel Xamax. The battle ends promising to be very explosive. Currently the western Swiss is 4 points ahead of the record champions (22:18). Now hats have picked – the opportunity for GC?

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