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Premiership: club chiefs are looking at the popular initiative against socialism


Now, the heads of the Super League are serious of the end in the fight against hooligans. They even consider a popular initiative for more action.

Such a retreat, as is said in French, ie a retreat session, often brings remarkable results. So also heads of the ten Super League clubs this month in Sion. Logically, elite club representatives talk about the two game accidents caused by GC "supporters". And what further steps can be taken to ensure that such excesses disappear.

It is not true that measures are not already having a big impact. In 2010, all singers joined Hooligan Concordance published by the Consortium Judiciary Conference and Police Directors (KKJPD). In 2012 it was tightened. Except Basel, all canons also said that.

It includes police measures such as a rayon ban, a police report, a maximum of 24-hour police custody or an absence restriction, as well as the stadium exclusions imposed by the Swiss Football League ( SFL) and clubs.

Constantin wants a faster response

The SFL now declares this continuously, one after another ban against the 57 GC-Chaots which came into the field at Lucerne and who could be identified.

The ban on rayon measures and above all, the registration obligation means a huge cut in the private arena. Especially the latter, even an offender must report during his holiday at the police station, when a game takes place.

Especially in England, hooligan's problem has come under control. "But that's not enough," said Christian Constantin, president of FC Sion and host of the retreat. "We need to change the legislation so that we can respond even faster. And that the police get to the stadium sooner."

Enough is enough

One possible (and faster) way is the popular enterprise. This requires 100,000 signatures. "If all Swiss football clubs arrive there, the signatures will be accepted in a few weeks," said FC. "And then the article will be in the Federal Constitution in two years." The ball now lies with Claudius Schäfer, Chief Executive of the Swiss Football League.

He explained: "Every club boss agreed to give an initial sign as a sign that the league and the clubs were doing everything they could to get to grips with this problem. Only one way possible We are checking what exactly we can do.

One thing is certain: After the two accidents, everyone involved is so angry that they mess around with chaotic people on the nose, which is now really serious. At all levels.

In an accident game in Lucerne

Here a GC-Chaot player attacks Pinga

Adjudicator Dudic after measured

«We have adapted for a game accident» t

The sport before the scandal

The four FCL goals before the game

This is a GC-Cano storm to the edge of the field
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