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“Now the whole family is angry”: huge customer annoyance at special marbles – Migros says sorry

Several Migros customers made extra purchases today for hundreds of francs to receive special collectible marble. At the checkout desk they were disappointed. Migros apologizes.

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«On December 5th there are the special marbles!  »: Migros campaign causes trouble.

«On December 5th there are the special marbles! »: Migros campaign causes trouble.


Although readers shopped for up to 400 francs, they only received one of the most coveted marbles.

Although readers have shopped for up to 400 francs, they only received one of the most coveted marbles.


  • With the Migros collection campaign, there is one free marble for every CHF 20 purchase.

  • On Saturday there was a special campaign for special marbles.

  • Many customers have shopped for hundreds of francs and eventually only received one marble.

  • Migros apologizes – and offers another.

Rahel Hochuli is very angry. The Steinach woman deliberately got up early Saturday morning to do her shopping at Migros Arbon IT. She had a reason for this: she wanted to reach the special marbles.

The backdrop to this is the Migros marbles campaign “All Stars”, which has been running between November 3rd and Christmas Eve. A total of 40 glass marbles can be collected for marble run. One marble is free for every purchase of CHF 20. In addition, there is a discount on the marble run from a certain number of collected stickers, which can also be posted at Migros.

Buy for 300 francs

December 5th is superstar marbles day. The special color marbles, four in number, are only available on this day. Accordingly, Rahel Hochuli was frustrated: although she bought for 300 francs, she only got one of the particularly stylish marbles. The reason given by a Migros employee at the checkout: There are not enough marbles in stock.

“Now I can’t get the collection box full. That’s a great shame for the kids, “said Hochuli. She thinks Migros’ approach is bottomless pigs:” If they say I’m getting marble for every 20 francs and at the end I’m to be alone with one, that’s close to a fraud for me. “

Very disappointing to many readers

Hochuli is not the only one who was disappointed by Migros today. At 20 Minuten, various customers came forward to collect marbles for their children and grandchildren. To get all the special marbles, they bought between 190 and 400 francs. At the branches, including Arbon IT or Wallisellen ZH, they received only one marble. According to readers, the reason given by Migros employees was always: “We don’t have enough marbles in stock.” The Migros collection campaign has also been harshly criticized by disappointed customers on Twitter. “Now the whole family is angry,” wrote one.

Migros apologizes

Migros understands the anger: “We fully understand the disappointment of the customers involved,” spokeswoman Marcel Schlatter wrote on a 20-minute request. Migros was simply surprised by the demand: “The special marbles went off like a warm Weggli and so we simply didn’t have enough numbers.”

Those who have not received any marbles can submit the receipt by email. “Migros is striving to replace it. We are doing everything we can to handle this as soon as possible. “

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