Friday , May 27 2022

Now Corsin apologizes for honey


Syrpreis to Katia P. (29) and friend Alex S. (24) on Saturday at Church: A curious man drunk in his own bed. Now I come to the attachment with Einschleicher Corsin T. (19). This time it's sober.

On Saturday morning shortly after 3.30 a clock against Corsin T ** (19) in a Church after a night spent in the wrong apartment. He fell to bed and the couple Katia P. * (29) and Alex S. * (24).

Katia wakes up, "I felt someone climbed over. I had two feet on my face." The couple informed the police, as Corsin could not wake up. The schnapps stimulus comes to the hospital.

On Monday night, the apartment Katia and Alex will meet again. Corsin is sober this time. The welcome is cordial. The three composers laugh at the hurt story. Nightclubs are re-appointed. Corsin apologizes. Katia and Alex do not think the apprentice.

«A bottle of wine would have been inappropriate»

Corsin does not appear with a blank hand: he has a CD and a glass of Honey Graubünden with him. "A bottle of wine would have been inappropriate after this event."

Katia and Alex are happy for the present: "I really love it," said Katia. "It's great that he has come back again. He's a nice man. And I'm grateful to him to take his shoes before he goes to bed with us."

Corsin says the echo after the event was huge: "Everyone has contacted me about the event, I am now famous in Graubünden." And: "Until everything was explained to me on Sunday, I was not in know I stay here in number 62 instead of 70. "

Corsin can not remember the apartment itself: "No, no. As if I were here for the first time, also, Katia and Alex were not anonymous to me."

«I had not finished on Saturday»

Despite a significant use of beer and vodka as well as film cracks, Corsin had felt a great surprise on Saturday. "I did not lie. Saturday was a good evening for me: I drink for free. Then I stopped in three different places: in Katia and Alex in number 62, then in hospital and finally in number 70. Here, I wanted to go from the start. "

In order to go to the house, Corsin has now found a solution: "One of the colleagues who brought me here said the front door was open."

For rescue, hospital and fee charges charged by the police, Corsin will probably have to pay around 1000 francs for a drinking night. "Surely that hurts," said the teenager. "The story will be remembered forever." Katia's brief comments on Corsin: "I coola Siach".

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