Thursday , May 26 2022

Multi-gam technology: LG smart patent phone with 16 cameras


The Korean manufacturer of LG company has been patented by the US Patent Office and Trade Mark, which describes a smartphone with 16 sensors and lenses. The individual modules are arranged in a 4 x 4 matrix and are designed to capture the same view of angles that are slightly offset for 3D video effects or image manipulation.

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LG has already installed more camera modules than most competitors with five cameras on the ThinQ V40.

The patent describes, for example, what might be with a camera technique of this type. The head of a person portrayed in the picture could be shot after shooting, until the new situation for perfect insight is good enough.

Another example shows how multi-stage technology could be combined with artificial intelligence features. Users could have a recognized person in the photo replacing the pen with another picture. This could be useful in group pictures where a person keeps his eyes closed.

Usually, a patent application or grant is not evidence that the technique described finds a final product. Instead, patents have also filed it to make it difficult for the competition to implement a specific method. LG introduced his patent for the first time in 2014.

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