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Meghan Markle: Airport! The Duchess have already missed 3 employees


Unfortunately, at the same time, scary news arrives nowadays from Great Britain. There should be a total of three employees Meghan Markle and losing Prince Harry in no time. Cancel masks at the Royal House of Britain!

Meghan Markle: Zep in the palace looks after a pregnant

This is due to the complex nature of Meghan Markle. A few days ago, the Daily Mail reported that Melissa, a personal assistant Melissa, has given her up to date after – just six months! An unusual decision, according to individuals, as it is an extremely prestigious job that is not easily blocked.

Private Secretary Samantha Cohen leaves Meghan Markle

But Melissa is far from the only one who now wants to work for the couple of royal dreams. Also, Samantha Cohen, the private secretary of the royal couple, seems to want to leave her job. The 49-year-old was 17 years old for the Royal House of Britain work. But that should be over this now. Earlier this year, Australia was tasked with preparing Meghan Markle for life in the palace.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry lose 3 close workers

The third and final in the league, which has already left Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, is Edward Lane Fox. He was predecessor Samantha Cohen and had already given her up as a councilor to the Duke of Sussex during the summer. Previously, he worked closely with Prince Harry for over five years.

exodus màs! Is Duchess Meghan Delivering the Employees?

Loss of close contact is not unusual. However, when three close workers give it up immediately, the sibling mill starts bubble. Why do long time secretaries sometimes hit the fun and seek distance? Is it up to Meghan Markle? Does the pregnancy pay tribute and the coworkers will no longer suffer their mood? Former agent Meghan, Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne, describes the 37-year-old child as "picky" and extremely "determined".

Did the Duchess Meghan change Prince Harry?

It is said that even Prince Harry had been "careless and boring" in the period up to the wedding, according to the Daily Mail. But let's be honest: the public pressures were huge. Not everyone would have been quite good. So who could fault Duke of Sussex?

The royal house itself was dissatisfied to comment and left the headings unresolved.

Photographs: Meghan Markle The most beautiful beacon look of Duges Meghan

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