Thursday , June 30 2022

Macbook Air: Apple facilitates repairs


Replacing the Macbook Air battery is quite complicated. Since the components are transported, not just the battery, but also the keyboard, trackpad and parts of the housing must be installed. But not in the new Macbook Air (2018).

Macbook, iPhone and Co. repairs be difficult Apple has been accused of making it increasingly difficult to repair and replace components in your devices. In the United States, the group is called a constant opponent of the "Right to Repair" -Numbers. The organization is committed to consumer rights in the repair of equipment.

Recently criticism for T2 chips, security chips installed in the new iMac Pro and Macbook Pro models
, On the one hand, the chips offer many new features that increase security on the device. On the other hand, the chips can lock the device even if the user replaces a component such as the hard disk. Software is needed for software that only Apple employees own. But: This situation is true, so far, the function has not been implemented in Apple T2 chips. Parts are still possible to reset components.

New equipment for technicians

Now Apple has taken a step towards consumers.

The battery in the new Macbook Air is individually replacing.
This is not possible in all Macbook and Macbook Pro models with the Retina display since 2012. The battery has been transported to the housing. That is, if you want to repository the battery in Apple Store, you must replace the highest housing coverage including keyboard and trackpad. Of course, this causes much higher costs than a simple battery exchange. The recently introduced Macbook Air is a breakthrough here. Although the battery is still transporting. Apple shops and authorized service providers should have equipment that allows the battery to be replaced individually.

Experts welcome the decision

This decision is very positively accepted. "Apple's bonding battery design has been a challenge for consumers, recycling, and Apple's own technicians."

Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit's popular repair service provider, is told.
IFixit has become familiar with Do-It-Yourself's instructions to repair Apple's hardware and also sells repair packages and new parts.

New trend

Apple MacBook Air (2017) 13.3 "i5 1.8GHz 8GB RAM 256GB SSD

If Apple sets a change in corporate policy and a new trend in the Apple device universe with this design decision, it can not be said again. In order to determine this, the next devices that Apple introduces to the market must be explored, in more detail. It is reasonably assumed that the Group will also use the Macbook Air to collect and analyze data on the results of this decision. As one of the most advanced companies in the world, which communicates the increasingly environmental and sustainability subject as its own strength, it would be more credible not to cross a repair issue.

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