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Lidl causes excitement with ambiguous advertising

After lasting on February 04, 2019, 11:29 am

With an ambiguous statement, Lidl campaigned for both magazines and rustles. Now the supermarket chain is in the criticism. Many did not feel well at all. The allegation: Advertising is female, sexy and something but funny.

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On Facebook, Lidl announced the supermarket chain advertised for baggage and donations. Typically for both glue is a hole in the middle. Lidl also added the ad to the slogan: "lower hole."

This is a precise statement that allows many people to feel hot at the moment. Reason: The slogan can be related not only to carcasses and ribbons, but also to women's genitalia. According to is "hole hole" as much as: "No matter what woman you were about to sleep with, the main thing was sex."

Lidl advertising provides for discussion

Obviously the first hidden reactions did not stay. As many comments show, Lidl advertising did not appeal to many Internet users. For example, a user on Twitter says, "Oh Lidl, sorry, you need to attract attention phones, abuse and sexual violence to be viral, and unfortunately you just have not learned anything from #MeToo either." a another user finds: "This is unpleasant and donutverachtend at the same time."

Not all of them are essential. On Facebook, for example, a user writes: "As a woman, I found that the slogan was funny, felt that NEVER was not going to tackle it as a woman and found it more than sad that it could not come find such a great humor in our society … "

Another agrees. He said, "You did not wrong, Lidl. Women should not interpret too much."

Lidl responds to criticism

And what does Lidl say about a discussion? The supermarket chain has erased the controversial post and linked to another post in a Facebook post.

He says: "We've just deleted our Bagel vs. Donut Post since there is a lot of controversial debate that we do not want, so we obviously want to entertain and that your responses have also shown by our majority we do not do that But entertainment stops where people feel hurt and that's unfortunately happened, so we apologize to everyone who feels it 's hurt by the post and we will try to secure the better audio in the future. "
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