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Jungle Camp 2019: The Candidates GMX.AT

After lasting on November 27, 2018, 5:24 pm

Who will succeed Jungle Queen Jenny Frankhauser? These celebrities are expected to join the jungle adventure in 2019 and say, "I'm a star – try me out here!" fight over the crown © see news

Your name is not familiar with you? But you know her voice: Tommi Piper has given her voice to the most popular television stranger. From 1986 to 1990, German television viewers said "Alf". According to the newspaper "Bild", the 77-year-old now intends to venture to the jungle.

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She also has to move "picture" back in the jungle camp: 58-year-old Sybille smoke is an old erotic actor. As an actor, she has appeared in some parts of the "Popsicles" series. She is told she had programmed for 2013 as a candidate, but he had to cancel for health reasons.

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High political prominence is expected in the Australian jungle – or not? Günther Krause was Federal Transport Minister between 1991 and 1993. According to Bild, it is said that the UDP's former politician has signed a contract, but he still denies his participation.

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… Domenico should also withdraw the "Bild" newspaper report in the jungle! The old "Bachelorette" candidate can wear warmly if he or she is up to date. Certainly, both would have enough talk.

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He has already shown that he is in the atmosphere for television shows: Maria Hering's death went to "The Yottas!" According to his full friend through America, "by ProSieben, in his luxurious life. After that, in 2017 he was a participant at the Nackedei" Adam Eve Eve "show. Now, according to the" picture ", the camp jyngl to follow.

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In a report of the magazine "Closer" she also acted as a candidate: Gisele Oppermann took part in 2008 "Next German Model" – and the crew of the season was made. In the jungle camp 2019, it would definitely be responsible for grunts and tears.

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She has become the face of a well-known television, especially through the Bavaria television series: In "Dahoam is Dahoam", Doreen Dietl played the role of Trixi Preissinger from 2007 to 2017. Now she looks for a new challenge – and she should see it on the RTL show, according to the "Münchner Merkur".

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After her disastrous death, Jens Büchner, Daniela Büchner will not take part in the Jungle Camp 2019. It is not expected until 2020 as a candidate, as stated by the newspaper "Bild". But it should already be found in place …

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He usually breaks down frozen tracks in his: Now Sandra Kiriasis gets a "picture" of the jungle challenge. She already has seven world titles and counts an Olympic victory. It will be interesting to see how a winter sports woman will beat at the Australian jungle heat.

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He took the pop titan and showed that he was revealing costumes: 2009 Annemarie Eilfeld mixed "Germany looking for the stars" on. After all, it was enough to third in the end. The "Closer" magazine now calls him a jungle candidate. Will she fight over the crown?

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"Closer" also talks about this beauty: once Emilija Mihailova wanted to shine with a voice in DSDS – and it could only be remembered with a look. She also presented the RTL show, "Adam sucht Eva" splitterfasernackt. In the jungle camp, it will certainly be worth providing bad facts.

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