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Jumbo Humble Bundle 12 with DiRT 4, Highrise Project and much more


Wednesday, November 21, 2018 1:11 pm – [tj]

Jumbo Humble Bundle 12 & # 39; offer, depending on the price range, up to eight games for less than nine euros, including Project Highrise & # 39; DiRT 4; and many more titles.

Jumbo Humble Bundle 12 with DiRT 4, Highrise Project and much more

That's the time again. Humble Bundle has created the next jumbo bundle and has worked with a number of publishers. If you buy the largest package, you will receive $ 121 games for $ 10 – at least if you use the list prices for the calculation.

In the first step, for a donation of one dollar or more, the adventure of Pinstripe, the superintendent of Super House of Dead Ninjas & # 39; as well as a True Ninja Package & # 39; DLC related to Rise a Shine & # 39; Arcade Shooting Included, If you pay more than average, you will also get the simulations of Project Highrise & # 39; Construction Simulator 2015 & # 39; as well as the beaten game of Brig Chef Brigade & # 39; on top

From a donation of ten US dollars – about 8.76 euros – there is also the racing game & DiRT 4 & # 39; and the construction game Oriental Empires & # 39;

Acting for a good cause

As with every Humble bundle boost, the earnings are given in full or in full. How the donations should be distributed, the buyers of the packages can decide for themselves. It is therefore possible to pay more than the appropriate minimum amount in order to honor the good purpose of the action!

Give at least $ 1 and get:

  • thin strep
  • Super House of Dead Ninjas + DLC
  • Rise a Shine

Give more than average and get:

  • Highrise Project
  • 2015 Building Simulator
  • Chief Brigade of the Fight

Give at least $ 10 and get:

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