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Jennifer Lopez creates a twist with a bikini image of the set

Updated on April 01, 2019, 20:07

How Jennifer Lopez's switchivious can be, the Latina is repeatedly experiencing her Instagram account. Her latest job leaves her fans going mad.

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In the summer there is something to celebrate with Jennifer Lopez. The Latina will turn 50 on 24 July. How well she has "La Lopez" tests her current image on Instagram. Alex Rodríguez's hostility does not carry any more than a pink bikini, pink neon, silver bouncy piercing and a large pair of sunglasses.

In her right hand, the mother of two is still lighter and presents her tender body, with the words: "Ramona is hot".

Jennifer Lopez was taken on the set of her new film, "Hustlers". In the film, she plays a striker who tries to give her rich customers along with colleagues.

Supporters and colleagues get tachycardia on view

The snapshot provides for the fans and breathing of the colleagues. The picture has already received more than 2.5 million things. Jennifer Lopez's fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, talked about the picture with a series of heart emojis, bomb, and fire.

Musicians Lenny Kravitz and supermodel Naomi Campbell were also enthusiastic about the set snapshot. The famous blogger Perez Hilton wrote that he would be happy if he had a visible abdominal muscle. (JKL)
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No desire remains unfulfilled: designer clothes or even your own styling team? No problem for twins Jennifer Lopez. But other famous children let it break.

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