Sunday , August 14 2022

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With a charming message, Birgit Lauda came yesterday to her boyfriend and her husband Niki through Instagram. He says in Latin: "tempus fugit amor manet" – i "" German: "Time of passion, love continues". And then: "Happy Birthday #mysoulmate" (Note: my dad's soul). Here are the exciting and lovely words of a woman who had to worry about her husband's life in the last few weeks and months. And while Niki Lauda still qualifies after her lung transplantation, the couple have now come through the most difficult times.


In this respect, Niki Lauda celebrated yesterday, not only his 70th birthday, but something like his second life. A life that wants to enjoy the story of Formula 1 is full, as Lauda publishes in a statement on Ö3: "I'm still there and I'm back at full speed." Words that take supporters and their heartbeat counterparts even though his attending doctor, Professor Walter Klepetko, gives something in the way his patient is dry Acting: "Mr Lauda is a pleasure in himself. Large crowds are still a potential threat to infections."

Small-scale celebration and rehabilitation every day

Small celebration There was a big party yesterday, not least for health reasons. I was celebrated in a small family setting at the Döblinger Villa. After all, Lauda has also rehabilitated six hours a day in Vienna's private clinic. Notable Niki goal: to recover the position of the pole soon in Formula 1 racing.

Formula Legiad 1: "I'm still here"

Thanks for the congratulations! I got back and it's very fast up the hill. I'm still there and I'm back at the first time. It was a bit angry, but everything has been done. "With these words, Niki Lauda referred to his supporters, colleagues, friends and everyone, through the ORF radio to his fans, Formula 1 legend in the weeks and last months for the pipe kept – that is: in all parts of Austria and far beyond.

For Lauda's birthday at the age of 70, makers are queuing up. Among them, the colleague raced Gerhard Berger: "You've got upset your illness well. Now it's back to full force in the future. It's all the best!" And of course, Formula 1 team Niki Mercedes AMG is not wanting their head "Happy 70th, Niki". And Niki's racing team partner, Toto Wolff, joins "Auguri, Compagno" simple but very close.

Doctor: "Lauda will race again"

The doctor who professed Professor Walter Klepetko described the infection that Lauda suffered after his lung transplant earlier this year as a "serious recovery". And when a doctor speaks of "serious resistance," one can assume that the situation is dramatic.

The most "more enjoyable", says Klepetko, "Mr Lauda is right now". Although the infection still has to be a "damnation" but, according to the doctor: "Niki Lauda will go racing again" is absolutely realistic. "It also restricts Lauda will be present at the start of the season in Melbourne due to the cross-continental trip.

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