Saturday , May 21 2022

iPhone apps only for Apple: a monopoly gossip in the top US court


The App Store monopoly against Apple will be heard on Monday in the High Court of the United States. The case goes back to a good filing lawsuit seven years ago: US consumers accuse the iPhone maker of monitoring the app distribution to the In-Store App Store, which damages competition and leads to higher prices,

One of the sticker points is that every developer can set a price level for the programs offered there, but Apple sells a commission of up to 30 percent of the price on each sale – this would be the Ultimately moving developers to the customer's limit. Outside the App Store, iOS offers may not be offered for sale.


Apple wins on every app and sells.

(Photo: dpa, Alex Heinl / Archive)

Apple argues that the company itself does not sell the apps directly to the end users, the seller is always the appropriate developer. For this reason, the group could not be prosecuted under the antitrust law of the United States.

For this reason, the first steps were rejected in 2013, the appeal court rejected the ruling in 2017: The iPhone group sells their own apps to end users, the judges said, after all, than app providers would implement their own App stores, instead even banned them from downloading their software through their own iPhone and iPad website.

One acts as a proxy only for developers, Apple explained, as the news agency Reuters says that this could be dangerous to all electronic trades which could lead to a number of legal cases. However, plaintiffs and antitrust groups are still not likely to be a number of developers in the group – all of whom, these are dependent on and they can not jeopardize sacking.


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