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How do 4-6 year olds do when jumping, rolling, throwing and catching? How well can they bounce and dribble? Are they difficult to balance and somersault? These questions were answered by scientists from the University of Basel and the Universities of Education in Schwyz and Zurich.

During the gym class, 400 students from nursery schools regularly and exercise were tested at a post office. In order to make a comparison between the basic motor skills (mobak) of urban and rural regions in Switzerland, they conducted their research in 14 nurseries in the city of Zurich and 12 in the canton of Uri.

"Somersault" children are performing better

The results of the Mobak study tests show much better results among nursery school children in Uri than among their peers in the city of Zurich. This is because of the "more limited action areas" of the city's children, according to the evaluation of the study. At one point, however, there was correspondence between the city and the country: Children from "somersault" facilities have a better motor improvement compared to a standard nursery nursery. This proves that it is worthwhile integrating movement into the pedagogy school concept, according to the study authors.

Evaluation of the results (source: 4-6 year old motor skills in Switzerland)

The "Purzelbaum" nursery girls follow the goal of integrating the diverse possibilities of moving to everyday life. The motto is: Movement always occurs everywhere and at any time. Inside and outside, under the leadership of the teacher or in free play. Even homework assignments are part of these nurses. Experience shows that the children in these facilities not only move more often and safely, but they have also increased their ability to concentrate.

The city of Zurich has been reorganizing 100 nursery schools since 2007, which corresponds to a percentage coverage of almost 30 per cent. Since 2016, the "Purzelbaum" concept has also operated in 18 school classes in the city of Zurich, and 27 more have been added this year. Both parents and students, as well as teachers, appreciate this focus on the movement of school life according to the responsible people.

Every two years "somersault" new-Kissing

The results of the study now show that the shortcomings can be compensated due to lack of space in the urban environment with this concept. So, it's up to the question why the city of Zurich is not all nursery and train on the concept of "somersault" sets? "Sustainable stretching and anchoring in nursery schools takes time, however, the concept will be extended to other nursery schools and long-term unemployed," said Alexandra Papandreou of the School Health Service City of Zurich.

Teachers' education and guidance, according to Papandreou, takes two years each. So every two years an average of 10 new "somersault" nurseries are added, which have trained and appropriate teachers and are also available to move.

Somersault offers in Zurich city: Click to enlarge (Graphics: Zurich City School and School Department)

Inventive when operating the "somersault" concept is the results of the known sports engine lists. During these regular tests, motorcycles of the first Zurich graders will be checked. In those circles in the school where the children have performed the worst, the current nursery children are most practicing at the moment. In particular, here are the Schwamendingen, Limmattal, Glattal and Letzi school areas.

Offers for children with overweight

According to Papandreou, the results of the study confirm that the city has begun to establish an organization and sport as elements of holistic education in nursery and lower grades. For this reason, the expansion, refurbishment and construction of school facilities projects are designed to ensure that children have enough space for exercise and sport, and that infrastructure has also adapted to & # 39; these needs.

In the meantime, Zurich also offers volunteer sports courses for schoolchildren in addition to the practice program during school lessons. Since 2008, the city has been offering "Movimento" courses, where children can attend various sports lessons in each school cycle. For children with overweight, little exercise experience or post-occupancy problems, there are two offers: "Minifit" has aimed at first class children, who are being teach in these courses through a course of games and obstacles more enjoyment of the move. With "Fit in the water" students from 3rd grade students once a week can take free, professionally led swim lessons and strengthen their body feeling.

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