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In type 2 diabetes, strict diet is often enough


Berlin (dpa / tmn) – People with type 2 diabetes have a good chance to get their disease by changing diet and for more exercise under control. Above all, diabetes overweight should lose weight, explains diabetologist Professor Knut May of the Charité in Berlin. Obesity and type 2 diabetes are closely linked.

In people with type 2 diabetes – the most common type of diabetes – the body produces insulin the hormones that reduce blood sugar, but it does not work properly the cells. The so-called insulin resistance may also be due to organ obesity.

If Type 2 diabetes loses weight and more movement, a boost is burned, and the organs and muscles respond better to insulin. Therefore, people who are affected should always strive for a healthier lifestyle first. Drugs are only used if this does not lead to the goal.

In order to achieve some normal blood sugar levels, however, quite large weight loss is useful, and emphasizes Professor Andreas Pfeiffer of the German Nutrition Research Research Institute (PYD) Potsdam-Rehbrücke . Anyone who loses at least 15 kilograms within the first six years after becoming aware of diabetes is the best opportunity, according to a United Kingdom study.

Most patients who are too heavy in Professor May draw with the help of formula diet called here. Meals are partially replaced or partially by a fluid that is dissolved in a liquid. "The patient will use only 800 kilocalor per day for about eight weeks," explained Professor Mai.

It is important that this happens under medical supervision. Why? "In most cases, rapid weight loss also causes a reduction in blood pressure – then the medication must be adjusted accordingly." With formula diet, according to Professor May, patients lose about 8 to 15 percent of their body weight quickly.

According to Pfeiffer and May it's harder to keep the pressures. "Unfortunately, we see patients recovering soon," said May. At the forefront: In a nutrition consultation, you can learn how to look at the best possible diet. "Studies suggest that it should be more protein-rich and has a low glycemic index."

May recommend relatives of those affected to pursue their suit. First, it's hard to eat healthy when others on board do not eat it. And secondly, a balanced diet is healthy for everyone.

In addition, exercise is important in order to lose as much fat as possible, but lower blood pressure is a part of losing weight. Corn experience is best in the group. "Its advice is to find a training partner or a whole running group. So the prevention threshold is larger, not to go to training. Finally someone is staying there.

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