Monday , June 27 2022

Heidi Klum invites GNTM juror Michalsky back from the marriage


In August, Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz will give the word yes-in Italy. But just before the dream wedding dreamed on the horizon.

Unfortunately, Heidi Klum (45) has no invitation to him! In August, the main model and its concert Tom Kaulitz (29) will marry on a yacht in Capri (I). It is expected that the rich and famous from all over the world will attend this event.

A name should have been deleted from the guest list. As the "image" learned from a source close to the couple's dreams, a star designer Michael Michalsky (52) should not be present in Capri. And even from the big finale "GNTM" on Thursday, the former juror is said to have unloaded.

The reason for this is a piquot interview that gave the newspaper in April to Michalsky. In it, the designer had his opinion of Klum and Kaulitz's love probably a little too honest for the dream couple. "Certainly, that's the right one right now. There's nothing forever," Michalsky said at the time. Eternal love is possible, but: "I would never promise. That's not necessary." It is said that Tom Kaulitz in particular has been offended by these statements. The couple even consider the words "great breach of trust".

Michalsky introduced Klum Kaulitz

Therefore, Michalsky should not accept any invitation. And while the designer has contributed a lot to the love story of the top model and the musician: The former "GNTM" – Juror has never introduced both. On the 51 th anniversary the designer was kicking between Klum and Kaulitz. Many of Michalsky's delights: "They both started to talk quickly and at first glance. There was a good feeling between the two pretty pretty things at once."

Michalsky himself does not want to comment on the alleged marriage Zoff. Even Klum's father, Günther (73), does not want to confirm anything: "I do not comment on that." According to one interior, there is still hope for the designer: "Heidi may still have a change of heart about the marriage. After all, he presented them to each other." "But:" Michalsky is out now. "(Klm)

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