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German Voice: In love! Talented singers on cloud nine

He leapt behind the curtains of “German Voice”. While the coaches were looking for the best voice in Germany, Hannah and Nico fell in love.

Berlin – They really do exist love at first glance, um, at first glance. “Voice of Germany” instructors are really looking for the Birthday relay on ProSieben and is Sad.1 the best voice in Germany. Instead of finding two Candidates the very great love.

Even though Hannah Wilhelm (23) a Nico Traut (22) privately on cloud nine, they are still big stage contenders – Hannah in the team CatterKloß and Nico in the team Nico Santos. Whether one of them does the race and that “The voice”-Trophy won? has the details.

TV program: Voice of Germany
First broadcast: 24. November 2011
Occupation: Mark Forster, Rea Garvey, Thore Schölermann
Sender: ProSieben, Sat.1, ProSiebenSat.1 Media
Ideas: John de Mol and VanVelzen
Awards: Gold Camera

The Voice of Germany (ProSieben / Sat.1) turns out to be a dating show – the sparks fly backstage

Actually counting in “German Voice” ProSieben and is Sad.1 just one thing: goose bumps, the great feeling and angelic voice. But as soon as the first episodes of the talent show flickered over the home screens, “The voice ” real dome material and it turns out to be Dating Show.

Two candidates found great love with “Voice of Germany” (

© Jens Kalaene / photo league / dpa & Liu Bin / photo league / dpa and Richard Hübner / ProSiebenSAT.1

While shrunken birds, exceptional artists and all-stars on stage at the Birthday relay Test their skills and try to convince Samu Haber (44), Rea Garvey (47), Mark Forster (37), Nico Santos (27), Yvonne Catterfeld (40) and Stefanie Kloß (36) of themselves, spray behind the scenes between Hannah Wilhelm and Nico Traut the sparks.

Voice of Germany (ProSieben / Sat.1): Nico Traut and Hannah Wilhelm are on cloud nine

On her first appearance in the Blind Auditions o „German Voice“ taught the young student Hannah Wilhelm the man of her dreams Nico Traut know. As fate would have it, their sushi landed on a shared plate at lunchtime, so they couldn’t avoid conversation – luckily. Cause Hannah surely you are Nico otherwise he would never dare talk to her.

With that she hits the nail on her head. In an interview with the image (Comment, article behind Paywall) there Nico Traut grimly to: “I am not necessarily a man of big words. That’s why music helped me show Hannah that I like her. It’s so nice to share that as a passion. And we will continue to make a lot of music together in the future. “

The next day, they rehearsed together for their performance. “It triggered a lot. The other participants also checked in and helped us a little. It soon became clear that there was something very special between us, ”he remembers Hannah beam at these magical moments. Who would have thought a show was like “Voice of Germany“It’s all about victory, fame and honor, including the big one love Can it be found ?!

Voice of Germany (ProSieben / Sat.1): Declaration of love in the battles – who does the race?

On Sunday, November 8th, the brunette beauty is one of the talents featured in the first battles. In a team CatterKloß, who last shot against Team SamuRea, she competes against her opponent Alessandro Pola (30) and sings no less hit than the evergreen love song “My Love Is Your Love” by Whitney Houston. Whether she will be very connected with her love on her appearance Nico think and give a lot of feeling in her voice? At least it’s anything but difficult for her to slip into the role of lovers. Reveals to your battle partner Hannah Wilhelm: “I always say, I didn’t fall in love at first glance, but at first.”

Even if the two love birds are now a private one Couple in deep love on Instagram and busy posting cute vocals and cute couple photos, they are on the „German Voice“ —Bühne remain competitors. Because during Hannah Wilhelm for a team CatterKloß running, happening Nico Traut For Nico Santos in. Whether one of the two ends Birthday relay get the victory? We can be curious.

Rubriklistenbild: © Jens Kalaene / photo league / dpa & Liu Bin / photo league / dpa and Richard Hübner / ProSiebenSAT.1

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