Friday , August 19 2022

GC succeeds in the relegation battle – CEO sünnelet in the Caribbean


GC is in the biggest crisis in 70 years. And what does the society's top worker do? Holidays!

GC, a well-budgeted club of 20 million Fr. With players earning around 600,000 francs. Since last Sunday, the champion 27 times poor! Record promoters make the biggest crisis since the only fall in 1949.

GC fans angry after losing to Xamax

"You can all go outside of Lindner"

And where are the heads who should go on and stand in entertaining? They seem to have disappeared. For a longer contribution to the "10 to 10" SRF news program, President Stephan Anliker or second-party shareholder Peter Stüber is not available the day after the 0: 1 disgrace against the previous Xamax tail tail .

Holidays & Caribbean rather than GC

And Manuel Huber, CEO? The 31-year-old chief executive, with an estimated annual salary of 350,000 francs and 250,000 frankincense Fidelity Award confirmed by Boss Anliker (as a prize for the first five years in GC), is not considered a home when the home will burn a Firefighter on the pipe.

Huber is on holiday for three weeks, says in the GC campus at Niederhasli ZH. BLICKYN reader CE Chief Executive, who completed last year's postgraduate degree in higher education at Zurich University (EMBA), saw this week on the Caribbean peninsula of the Dominican Republic. He spoke briefly.

The Cricketers are deep in ice temperatures to the fall – their CEO is almost 30 degrees Celsius in the Caribbean on the "Sünnelen".

What does IT say about this? The written answer: "Manuel Huber is two, not three weeks away. And: We do not give any information about your private stay."

In the training, go to the point

The sun shines yesterday afternoon at Niederhasli. At least 12 degrees. And in the training, as Thorsten Fink tutor requires tidy to the point. No shin guards were seen. Fink: "Anyone who wants to carry them. But blue spaces on the rubbish can not be very bad." Holzhauser's filigree engineer even goes in with a rustic tack.

Fink said: "I am satisfied, as I insisted, I was very good and abusive training. Some feel they have to fight. The trainer would be ready to make changes."

On Sundays, go out to Tun. The CEO on the site at the Bernese Oberland will not be proven yet.

What do you say about that? Would Huber be better at the club? Or is her Caribbean holiday right? Write us in the comments! We look forward to your comments.

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