Thursday , January 20 2022

From now on, you can watch YouTube videos on the console ⊂ · ⊃


From now on, the owners of Nintendo Switch can not play gambling, but also watch videos. The YouTube app is available to download.

Nintendo Switch will also be more diverse in Germany. Hulu already has a streaming service on the mobile console in the United States. Now there is an app in this country, which is likely to reach the target audience. From now on, YouTube is available to download from Nintendo eShop. The app is released by information of 12 years and is about 100 megabytes in size.

YouTube here, Netflix is ​​not in sight

Another sign of the eShop shows that the Nintendo Switch path of the game is purely cleaner to the entertainment device even further, because according to Nintendo, YouTube is an app for one player exactly . Similarly, the store or gadget has not been designed for real apps. That is why other companies also appear to be around the console. For example, in early 2018, Netflix announced that he had no plans to release an application for the console soon.

Netflix or even Amazon Prime would fit perfectly with the Nintendo mobile concept. Finally, both services offer a download feature that allows users to view the content on the road without access to the Internet. In terms of competition consoles, the choice is already much larger: both for the Xbox One and for PlayStation 4, not only Netflix is ​​an app, and # 39 ; The use of other streaming services such as Spotify or Sky Ticket on the consoles Microsoft and Sony have no problem. As the example of Netflix shows, the decision is not only on Nintendo. Until things change, people can watch videos on YouTube.

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