Saturday , November 28 2020

Framework agreement: yes, the FDP Group, Greenens wants to negotiate

FDP and Green prisoners have taken a position on a framework negotiated negotiated by the EU: The FDP says for reasons of Life, the Green wants more social contract and calls for renegotiate.

The FDP Federal Parliamentary Group held a seminar on the framework agreement between Switzerland and the European Union (EU) on Friday and Saturday in Engelberg. Ignazio Cassis's inner foreign minister also took part in forming the party's opinion. Justice Minister Karin Keller-Sutter was missing for illness.

The discussion was intense and lasted more than two hours longer than what was published. The group said "clear" to the framework agreement, the leader of the Beat Walti (ZH) coach on Saturday afternoon, the media. It was reasonable.

Walti referred to the legal certainty, ensuring access to the internal market of the EU and the clear rules that would be created for the development of the bilateral route further as reasons for approving the agreement framework.

Yes to the economy, No to the EU reception

The economic arguments were central to the FDP. Petra Gössi's Party President said the group was standing by the economy. The European Union is the most important trading partner in Switzerland.

In addition, the FDP squad wants to save the two-way way. This should not erode, because it protects from receiving the EU, the FDP does not want, says Gössi.

Of course, there are also some concerns in the FDP. However, doubts in the meaning of renegotations are not registered, the leader of the Walti squad said. As the EU refuses this, this would wear windows.

In three points, the Liberals but still want to make concretions. The first point is the EU Citizenship Directive, which was excluded from the Framework Agreement, the second is Pay Protection, which, according to the FDP, should be weakened and the third is the gilotine clause, which should be proportionate.

Green: Against Populism

Previously, the Green Group had also commented on the framework agreement. They ask for renegations to achieve better salary protection. Greens offer that the European Union should be able to pay attention to tax issues in order to persuade them to negotiate. So far, the EU has refused to renegotiate.

Only those who guarantee decent wages and management payments will be able to overcome growing popularity and nationality, party leader Regula Rytz said in a statement

The Federal Council announced the institutional agreement made in long negotiations with the EU in December 2018, but it has not yet taken a clear position. The framework agreement is intended to continue with the bilateral approach, thus ensuring Switzerland's access to the internal internal market of the EU. Critics are afraid that the agreement could reduce too much Swiss sovereignty. (SDA)

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