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Formula 1: Max Verstappens Zoff with Esteban Ocon – "Idiocyg anhygoel"


Although Lewis Hamilton won the Grand Prix who won the Formula One Builders' Championship Mercedes, the driver was around everything that turned to Interlagos at Max Verstappen. The young Lowland seemed to lead for a safe victory when Esteban Ocon came on his way.

Ocon was already a lap back, but he came out of the pools with fresh tires. And with great ambitions: He tried to move forward aggressively against the leader Verstappen, who had not been expecting this assault. The Indian Police also had a 10-minute penalty stop for action – Verstappen did not help a lot. Her Red Bull was damaged so badly that the 21-year-old had only contacted Hamilton but did not pass.

Verstappen (r.), Ocon

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Verstappen (r.), Ocon

After that, Verstappen said: "I do not know what to say, then everything is fine, we got a really good car, a very good strategy, and then pushing you, it does not have anything to & # 39; w do with the result of the race. "

He had previously told his team over the radio: "I hope I will not meet Ocon in the paddock after that, otherwise something could happen." And when he met both soon before weighing the reward ceremony, in fact he was at least violently cast, before the officers intervene. Verstappen used the two days of "social work" as a punishment for the Diet. "We are all enthusiastic about this sport, I'm a winner, so I was not very happy," said Verstappen after that.

Such conflicts are not new. Nigel Mansell wanted to kill Ayrton Senna in 1987 in Spa, Senna himself lost a slap at Suzuka Eddie Irvine in 1993, after being carried in a similar way round-up and then inspiring verbally afterwards. Michael Schumacher claimed a collision in the McLaren box at the David Coulthard Spa in 1998 and only members and team interference appealed.

"He can not attack the leader as"

Some experts and also Hamilton think that Verstappen should have let Ocon go, after all, that he has had more to lose. But Verstappen relied on the leader's privilege against a dairy person – and I received support from the Formula 1 driver, Timo Glock: Ocon would have "given her the best since then, so she can not attack on the leader and thus destroy the Verstappen race. "

Red Bull Motors Co-ordinator Helmut Marko also was distressed: "That great Max campaign is punished as incredible such is incredible." Marko did not just believe in coincidence. "Mercedes has cost us the prize, and one who has promised the Arrow Money horse by 2020."

The competition is otherwise busy: If Red Bull is already very strong with the engineered Renault engine, what will happen in 2019 with the new Honda engine partner?

"Making Verstappen the Youngest World Champion"

The Japanese engine, according to Toro Rosso, the Red Bull team, who uses this year's Honda, has already had more power than the Renault. Marko also praises: "There are numbers that prove to be just about 13km behind us in 2019. Then we can achieve our goal: to make Max Verstappen the youngest formula Formula One's youngest story." So far this record is Sebastian Vettel, who won the 2010 World Cup in 2010 as 23 years old.

Red Bull's team leader, Christian Horner, is convinced that once the power gap for Ferrari and Mercedes is closed to a large extent, "we should be very competitive with a good deal." Although minor changes to the rule, also in aerodynamics, "always hold the risk that some teams make better and worse". As a team, Red Bull is strong enough to fight with Mercedes and Ferrari.

As well as Verstappen 2019, Pierre Gasly will sit in the Red Bull, who is still driving at Tro Rosso. For the Netherlands, that means one clear number one, as Hamilton Mercedes has. The optimism is very sure in Red Bull. Verstappen is already looking at the coming year: "Everyone is motivated. In any case, Marko already collects bets in the Vettel environment: On the next World Cup Verstappen warranting land in front of the Germans.

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