Tuesday , August 9 2022

Former police force carries 144 – car parking fees – look


He gave thousands of frank in his own pocket. And that's for years. Now the former chief of the Richterswil ZH flight. The community is surprised.

He was supposed to hold the law and order, but instead gave his own community, even his colleagues, an endorsement. This is reported by the "Zürichsee-Zeitung".

Lars T. * (48) Case Richterswil ZH. He spent 16 years as a chief policeman in Richti. Enjoy respect and respect. And now: Over the years, T. has triggered community and community meter fees. There are a total of 144,000 francs!

Get cleared by a colleague

Parts transferred to private account, sometimes money flowed to count his mother. Although he had bagged a lot, he did not get enough. He did not even stop his colleagues. According to the "Zürichsee-Zeitung" he brought the key of a police officer who drowned out. Her prey: 600 francs!

T. started parking in 2014. Nobody did not notice. Also, because T. has an easy time.

Because: The main police manages the money from the parking machines in Richterswil. Initially, in 2014, he paid around 10,000 francs. After no doubt, it was not stopped. Her will complained to him. In 2017, T. frowned at 67,000 fascinating factions.

Until then, he had falsified 71 statements to cheat supervisors and the finance department. But this high loss was reported in 2017 during an internal review.

Had seized on the territory

The investigation began and quickly referred to the chief police. On March 20, 2018, the costumes had clicked, immediately on the spot and place – T. was at work. I was released immediately.

In April 2019, the former police force will be brought to trial. The community could be partially restored to the money stolen. The criminal complaint requires the accused to repay the 144,000 francs. According to the "Zürichsee-Zeitung", a relevant account with CHF 10,000 was frozen in May 2018. (JMH)

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