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Federer after the first victory at ATP limits: «It was a matter of the head»


A day without a tonight is enough for Roger Federer to return on track. After defeating Dominic Thiem in the Final Performance of the ATP, he talks about what he has changed after losing to Kei Nishikori.

Interview: (sda)

A short break was doing well: Roger Federer at the ATP final in London. (Photo: Reuters)

A short break was doing well: Roger Federer at the ATP final in London. (Photo: Reuters)

Roger Federer, you canceled your training on Monday. Some were worried, but they want to relax?

Exactly. And I'll do the same tomorrow (Wednesday) because it works. It was not important for my forehand than the backhand of the service. He was a head. Sometimes you need a break. I played a lot of tennis in the past two months. On the way back to the hotel after the Nishikori game we talked about a long time. Then the trainers said that I should easily take it, spend a family day and then happily returning to the place. The blows there, I was feeling today. I am pleased that we have made the right decision and can show a response.

Was the Nishikori matching only slippage?

I do not know what was happening there. It may be the format with the group games. You do not feel the knife properly in the neck as in other tournaments. I was feeling well every day, I was just worried in the game. In the first eight games, Kei also played awful. I should have told myself: Great, I do not need a rhythm, it does. That works well for me. But I was too negative. I had to remember how great and what privilege I played in this area and how much I love to play in London. I've qualified for the 16th time, I thought I was just a bit of a game that was very disappointing.

On Thursday, you'll play against Kevin Anderson, but everyone is watching.

I can not do that. We can even win Anderson and retire anyway (if Federer, Anderson and Nishikori all win three victories). So it's not my heart to me. But that's fine. If I can not do it to the final, I do not deserve it. It's important for me to have a last final group game and beat Kevin if possible. He played great the last time, also at Wimbledon, when he beat me. I'm glad I have the opportunity to have a dial. I can not look further.

Will you know exactly what is needed to reach the semi-finals?

I would have some joke if I said that it does not matter what's happening. I play with the night and so I'll know what is needed. We do not know that otherwise. Otherwise, it's always very simple. You earn and you're going on or you're out. You can not set the goal of winning 6: 2, 6: 2 against a great murderer like Anderson anyway. If you want to earn clearly, the goal would be more to be gained in straight sets 7: 6, 7: 6. The important thing is that I'm going into the game in positive.

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