Thursday , August 11 2022

Do not wash poultry with water!


In many recipes, pre-cooked water poultry should be rinsed. Not only is it unnecessary, it's dangerous, warns the UK National Health Service.

Against bacteria?

Infectious bacteria such as Campylobacter can not be given to raw poultry meat with cold or warm water.

Rinsing does not eliminate the Camylobacter pathogen in poultry but distributes it. (Image: alain wacquier /

Why is rinsing dangerous?

When we have rolled out poultry, the fat water mixture turns through the air with the germs that may be inclusive up to 50 cm, and so the plugs are improving better in our circulation, as if we were leaving the process of rinsing.

Is rinsing always meaningless?

No, it is not. With salad and raw vegetables, it is necessary to rinse off and / or brush away with soil adhesion, any residues of pesticides, etc. to eliminate toxins and germs. These are not pathogens in the vegetables.

All re-chicken carries the pathogen

In 2017, more than 50% of chickens in German retail had vaccinated with Campylobacter, so half of the chicken has contaminated with hazardous diarrhea germs.

Diarrhea and bowel infection

Campylobacter infects the stomach and the bowel and causes severe diarrhea. Annually, up to 70,000 people fall ill in Germany.

What is the risk of being infected?

Even a small amount of human infected rod shape lithogens can be.

Why is rinsing dangerous?

When rinsing, the pathogens are distributed on the cutting board, work surface, washbasin or kitchen brush. Here they come into contact not only with people, but also with other non-cooked foods – unlike poultry.

Take care of immunity

For a healthy person with strong defenses, Campylobacter infection is undesirable; he has to drink lots of fluids and replace minerals. For babies, pregnant women and elderly people, infection with a pathogen in rare cases can be fatal.

Polka dot instead of rinsing

If you want to clean up the poultry before preparing, put a dry kitchen towel and put it in the laundry or throw it away. Do not connect to raw poultry.

Remove water after freezing

Make sure to pour water after freezing poultry from poultry and make sure that food that should not be cooked is in contact with it. This is where the pathogens are collecting.

Rinse cooking instead

Take a cooked poultry well. Then you do not have to scare bacteria. In contrast to the warm water of the faucet, the temperature during cooking, frying and baking is as high as the pathogens die.

Eat without getting sick

First, if you throw the raw water poultry and, secondly, you are good at planting the meat, microbial hazards are almost eliminated – Cambylobacter Infections as well as dangerous diseases. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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