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Diabetes Diseases: The psyche also suffers

Diabetes often suffer from a disease burden

More than seven million and a half people in Germany suffer from diabetes. For many of those affected, the disease is such a huge burden that their quality of life is seriously broken. Therefore, these patients are particularly at risk of depression. Therefore, victims should seek medical advice.

There is a need for lifelong attention

About 7.6 million Germans are diabetic. Although many diabetes patients can be well controlled without medication, many have to take medications or inject insulin, measure blood sugar and pay attention to diet. Due to the lifelong attention that chronic disease requires from those affected, it is often considered a burden that limits the quality of life. Therefore, diabetes is particularly at risk of depression. Therefore, patients are advised to seek medical advice.

Many diabetic must take their whole life medication or inject insulin, measure blood sugar and pay attention to diet. Due to the constant attention the disease requires, it is often felt by those who are affected as a huge burden. (Image: Printemps /

In diabetics, depression is twice as common

The dark days and the autumn fog hit many people on the mind. However, in people with a chronic condition such as diabetes, depression can also be a cause of low depression.

This is particularly noticeable when symptoms such as sadness, loss of interest and weaknesses last for a few days, but even weeks or months.

About 12 per cent of people with diabetes suffer from clinical depression, according to a statement from the non-profit organization DiabetesDE – Diabetes Support German.

A further 18% are pregnant by depression mood.

"In people with diabetes, depression is twice as common as people with metabolic health," explained a psychologist Dr. Med. phil. Berthold Maier of the Mergentheim Diabetes Center at Bad Mergentheim.

"The everyday effort diabetic patients need to achieve throughout their lives to ensure that good metabolism requires great disciplinary and motivation. This pressure can be very stressful in season long, "said the expert.

Stress in other areas of life and the social environment also influences the extent to which the illness is considered to be stressful.

As a result depression can develop.

Get medical advice

According to the psychologist, depression is expressed in very different ways.

"As well as low depression, victims of courage and despair often suffer from anxiety, as well as sleep disorders or physical pain."

Therefore, it is important to recognize and treat low depression and depression at an early stage.

Quickly, mental health treatments are easy to handle, Maier emphasizes: "Anti-depressant, behavioral therapy or combination of both are used."

Psychotherapy can help patients get their condition better and improve the quality of life and diabetes prognosis.

But many victims find it difficult to deal with this topic openly. Maier advises diabetic patients not to pay the symptoms of depression, but to talk to her or her GP or diabetologist. (Ad)

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