Sunday , March 7 2021

CVP candidate Viola Amherd defends her poll

Half of the hearings for the Federal Council election are by. SVP has already decided: Most of them select Heidi Z & Graffgen in the CVP and Karin Keller-Sutter in the FDP. Although the race has finished in the FDP, Viola Amherd can protect its pole position in the CVP.

Did Viola Amherd (56), the Federal Council CVP's ​​candidate win his lucky dress at yesterday's hearings? One thing sure: The Wallisian has chosen the same costume for its performance as the CGC listens two weeks ago. At the time, she came with the blue cloth, top party, and a blue laser-made she made most voices.

SVU Sünneli appears in Z graggen – but not bright enough

So, even more important to the challenge, Heidi Z & Graggen (52), do well on the other parties. He succeeded in the SVP: Of the 55 present parties, 38 voted for a government governor of Uri. Amherd came to ten SVP votes. Seven were empty.

For graffiti Z, the Sünneli SVP appears to be on the horizon. "It's business friendly and has even shown himself even more suspicious about a closer connection even with the EU," said leader of the Thomas Aeschi Group (39). The SVP expects him to be "a reliable bourgeois majority in the Bundesrat".

«He has 14 years experience as a government councilor»

The SVP was the first cohort to decide who they wanted in the Bundesrat. The idea behind him: If Zraggen's Z is selected, she also knows who she's chosen – and who she wants something for him!

The same strategy with the SVP last year was the FDP man, Ignazio Cassis (57) elected: She gave her 45 candidates prematurely to her. And it was not disappointing: The majority of the right wing sets the tone again in the Bundesrat – whether it's in arms exports, paternity leave or the One-Migration Agreement.

For bad news Z # graggen: Because the right course has already changed to ensure. This can take the SVP more relaxed. So silence that almost one SVP-third has decided against the Urnerin. The SVP Sünneli does not appear bright enough!

Amherd can count on farmers

Instead, the Amherd competitor will receive important SVP votes. Surprisingly a lot. Especially with the farmers, she enjoys sympathy. "Viola Amherd has scored great with me and the farmers," said member of National Council SVP Andreas Aebi (60). "I had a more mature impression of Amherd or Zalggen after their folk hearing. She is genuinely and promises consistency that farmers expect from a Federal Councilor."

Even with green and green liberals, Amherd is higher in the course. Although the two groups will decide next week, they are officially recommended for their election. But it was clear who their hearts were tired about.

"We want to use our voices to get more openness towards Europe in the Bundesrat," said leader GLP Group Tiana Angelina Moser (39). The advantages of women so.

Also, at the Greens, Z & Graffgen could definitely scan to run the favorable Amber list. The appearance of the Urnerin was true for just as good as one of the Valaisan, as a senator. "The startup situation has not changed." There is also Advantage Amherd here.

The race ran in the FDP

Overall, the Valais has defended its pole position. The next week, the hearings will be in SP, FDP and BDP. Here too, new trends appear: Graffgen Z is likely to be in front of the FDP, Amherd in SP and BDP. Z. Graggen would have a great final spirit to catch Amherd. That is not impossible.

On the other hand, the race was running with the FDP: There is nobody around Ständeratspräsidentin Karin Keller-Sutter (54)! The FDP stands behind her almost unanimously. He has now convinced the SVP: SVPler spoke about Keller-Sutter, for the Hans Wicki State Council (54) falling only 16 votes. From the signer "making the impossible possible" is the Newaldner from day to day far away.

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